Stop the Ferc-us, not one more permit

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” With climate change, we are at a moment when humanity cannot remain silent. We must hold accountable those who are causing the climate crisis. But a network of largely invisible and unaccountable federal agencies continue to permit, and profit from, […]


Earth Day at Walmart, This Coal’s for you

Chip in to make more days of action like this one possible! Chip in to make more days of action like this one possible! Click here to call Walmart’s sustainability hotline, or watch the video and find out more below.   Green Groups, workers, push back on Walmart &  Biz Roundtable’s claim to “lead” on sustainability. For more Information contact: Drew Hudson, Environmental Action: 802-272-9764 Stacy Mitchel, […]

Calling on Cuomo

Yesterday the stars were aligned for an awesome rally at the midtown Manhattan offices of Governor Andrew Cuomo. Even the weather acted in protest to the forecast of low temperatures and rain, instead providing 100 fracktivists with clear blue skies and sunshine. This certainly contributed to the lifted spirits of the fracktivists who convened in front of the governor’s office […]

Whiter Than Green

Earth Day Blues: 45 Years Later, The Environmental Movement Still Whiter Than Green

Introduction It’s been 45 years since the very first Earth Day, the same day that Environmental Action was born. Since then, the environmental movement has grown in many positive ways. With new challenges, the movement has implemented myriad new tactics to improve and increase mobilization, fundraising, list growth and to inform the public about pressing environmental issues. However, there is one […]


2 Outs, Bottom of The 9th For Florida Black Bear

Yesterday I addressed the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) in a last ditch effort  to keep the 20 year hunting ban on hunting bears intact. It was an honor to represent the amazing membership of Environmental Action and present FWC with the $5,000 we donated towards non-lethal management tools like bear proof trash cans and public education. Thank you so […]

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Tax day and the fight for $15

Why is a big ol’ environmental group like us working with the employees of Walmart, McDonald’s and a lot of other companies to stand up for fair wages today? The simple answer is that it’s about solidarity, economics and most of all the climate. Click here to tell Walmart, America’s largest private employer, to get serious about protecting people and the […]


The fight for $15 and a safe climate

Walmart is America’s largest private employer, and the world’s largest company. But they’re falling woefully behind their promise to get 100 percent of their power from clean, renewable sources. In fact, their U.S. stores use nearly six times as much dirty energy as the entire U.S. auto industry, including more than 4.2 million tons of coal each year. Walmart says it […]

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Are Virginian’s Property Rights Totally Fracked?

Yesterday I visited Richmond, Virginia, with a coalition of local activists representing citizens and property owners asking Governor Terry McAuliffe to withdraw his support for the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) and other projects that eviscerate property rights and put communities at unnecessary risk. The ACP, which is being proposed by Dominion, LLC (the same fracked gas barons that brought us […]

Fracktivists mobilized outside of City Hall prior to City Council Hearing

No Fooling Around at City Hall

Spring is still negotiating it’s first actual appearance in New York City. And while it’s still a bit chilly here, that did not stop over 50 fracktivists from descending on City Hall to demand that Governor Andrew Cuomo issue a veto for the proposed Port Ambrose Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) import facility. The facility, which would be located off the coast […]