• Pumping up the volume at NPR

    When I left our meeting with NPR last December - I was feeling pretty good. We'd gathered over 40,000 signatures. You'd helped us raise money to air an anti-fracking spot on WNYC, the nation's biggest NPR affiliate. And we'd just spent an hour talking fracking facts and consequences with the Ombudsman and acting CEO. 
    But in the last few weeks it's become clear that NPR never intended to address our concerns. They just wanted us to go away. So today, we're re-launching the campaign targeting NPR's horrible coverage of fracking, and their outrageous pro-fracking ads. And this time, we're through politely talking to the consumer complaint people. We're taking our message right to the reporters and hosts who actually speak the fracking lies into the microphone. And it will culminate with our own FM broadcast beamed directly into their offices in Washington, D.C., so they can't ignore us any more.
  • 50,000 voices for clean water in West Virginia

    I was honored to stand with West Virginians as they took 50,000 petition signatures for clean water, including 20,000 from Environmental Action members to the Office of Surface mining this week. It was an amazing moment that brought home just how important it is never to forget the people impacted by environmental disasters. Johanna De Graffenreid, our partner in raising $2500 for clean water deliveries, took a moment to record this moving thank you for all of us who helped. Her account of the day is below, which included a meeting with government officials who said they had never seen a report this thorough.

  • Delivering more than pizza to Chevron and Harrisburg: your signatures

    “I’d like to order a large cheese pizza,” the caller said. “It’ll be there in about 20 minutes,” responded the receiver. It wouldn’t be a noteworthy exchange except that the person taking the order was speaking from her desk in the executive offices of Chevron in San Ramon, California.

    Elsewhere in PA, that same week, hundreds rallied to deliver the signatures of thousands more PA residents calling on Gov. Corbett to keep a statewide ban on fracking our forests and parks intact. 

    Read the whole report about Environmental Action members making their own actions with our partner MoveOn.org and getting real results for the planet!

  • Hate fracking? You'll REALLY hate fracking near our state parks

    Governor Corbett isn’t listening to Pennsylvanians. During his annual budget address last week, he announced plans to open our state forests and, for the first time, our state parks to fracking in order to fill a one-time budget gap. Corbett's plan would "lease new underground mineral rights near existing drilling sites or through adjacent properties," effectively overturning the moratorium on drilling on state parks and forests.* He devised his plan in spite of the fact that well over 60% of Pennsylvanians oppose drilling in state forests and parks, according to recent public opinion polls. " The plan will encourage drilling of state forest land already leased, but never drilled because the frackers couldn't drill horizontally into protected land.
    If you agree that we cannot allow fracking in or near these special places, please sign my petition with Environmental Action and MoveOn.org to keep the existing moratorium on drilling in state forests and parks.
  • Petition Delivery Event Outside of Smucker's HQ
  • Our date with Schmucker's

    On Saturday, we had a fun (maybe not so fun for Smucker's) date with Smucker's. Hundreds of Environmental Action members showed up in their grocery stores, put signs in front of the Smucker's products and told the store managers they wanted GMOs labeled in their products, while a dozen local activists and college students showed up at Smucker's international headquarters in Orville, OH to hand deliver over 35,000 petition signatures.
  • One of those times

    The State Department final Environmental Impact Statement is out. What does it mean, and what should we do when the folks in charge of telling the president the facts about the pipeline insist on getting so many important things wrong?

    For our movement—to stop Keystone and save the climate—this is no moment to lose heart. In fact, we're actually winning. 

    There are key facts, key allies, and key opportunities for us in the next 90 days. Don't get bummed—show up. It's one of those times where our presence in the streets, online and all over will make a difference.


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