• Exxon Hates America

    Have you ever looked at a news report on rampant climate destruction, industry funded climate denial or the quarterly earnings of big oil companies like Exxon — and thought jeez, do these people just hate America or what?

  • Great news; Tragic news on wolves

    Great news: California has enacted new protections to save wolves, and a new litter of wolf pups was born in Oregon for the first time in years!
    Tragic news: Just as we were writing this, we got confirmation that another member of the same pack as the new parents in Oregon was illegally shot and killed just over the border in Idaho.
  • I can Bear-ly believe this hunting is legal

    Maine has some of the nation's best habitat for black bears. These intelligent, wild creatures are extremely shy and are rarely seen. So rather than respect nature, vicious sport hunters resort to killing bears with dogs, steel traps that break their bones and leave them to bleed to death, and baiting them with piles of donuts and other food.

  • Beyonce, Tell Pepsi to stop blocking GMO labels

    We've just launched a campaign to ask Beyoncé Knowles, Pepsi's top celebrity sponsor, to tell Pepsi to stop blocking GMO labels. Beyoncé cares deeply about what is in her food, frequently showing off her vegan diets on the popular social media site Instagram. In addition, Beyoncé is a major philanthropist, who donates to many charities involved in providing children access to healthy foods.

    Beyonce was just named one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people and the number one theme trending on Facebook right now is Beyonce's North American tour starting in July. If there is any time that Pepsi will listen to Beyonce about not blocking GMO labels, it's now.

  • Reject and Protect - It's a wrap!

    Some things, you truly have to see to believe, or at least to understand. Last week's reject and protect rally was one of them. For six days, a coalition of ranchers, tribal communities, environmentalists and many others came together in Washington D.C. to stand united against pollution, climate change and the political odds. Oh, and Neil Young was there, so that was awesome.

    I don't know if this action will stop the KXL pipeline. The State Department has delayed the final decision yet again, so it will be a few more months before we know for sure. But when we stop this pipeline, and all the pipelines, I believe it will be because of actions that look like this. See for yourself here

  • Live From NPR, Don't Even Think About Fracking!

    NPR has been airing pro-fracking statements for months, but when we confronted them about it, they anti-fracking sponsored message or listen to our concerns. So we took a small FM transmitter to their front door and broadcast a live radio show that told the truth about fracking right from their doorstep. On the show were interviews with Josh Fox (creator of the Gasland movies), Robby Desieu of Stop the Frack Attack, and Karen Feridun, founder of Berks Gas Truth and a leader in the anti-fracking fight on the front lines in PA.