Toolkit for your Climate denier/hero event

Step 1 – Register for your event If you haven't already, make sure to RSVP for an event with OFA here. If you don't see and event in your area, it's not too late to sign up to host one! If something comes up or you can't attend – make sure to visit our Facebook page or follow the hashtag #climatedenier on […]

This hearing is Fracked

Congress is finally holding hearings about natural gas drilling, and instead of inviting the people who live near fracking wells, Congress has decided only to listen to the polluters, drillers and frackers. That's right — they're having a hearing on fracking, but the fracktivists fighting the poison and pollution caused by this dangerous drilling practice aren't invited. We need to speak […]

Don’t Frack PA

Missed it? No sweat. Watch the recording of our press conference to deliver over 100,000 signatures to ban fracking in PA on April 30 at the state capitol in Harrisburg. See the video on the left – live commentary from Drew Hudson and other Environmental Action staff and members on the right. And don't forget to sign your name here to oppose […]

Live Chat to End Big Oil Subsidies

Congress has passed a budget – 2 of them in fact. But they still can't agree on how to balance the nation's checkbook, so the stay of budgetary-execution is only temporary. With economic disaster only weeks away — for the third month in a row — the Senate still won't even consider ending the $10 billion in subsidies we give to […]

Watch the Forward on Climate Rally

Did you see that?! 50,000 of us rallied at the White House to demand that President Obama take us forward on climate by saying "no" to the Keystone XL pipeline and other climate-killing projects. You can watch a recording of the whole event below. Want to do more than just watch? Click here to sign our petition to the President asking him […]

State of the Union Watch Party

Welcome to our State of the Union watch party! Brought to you by:      &     <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" >State of the Union Watch party</a>Watch via White House Youtube ChannelWatch via CSPAN    […]

Debate watch party

Welcome to our debate watch party!  Click here if you haven't already signed on to our letter asking the moderators of the Presidential and VP debates to ask tough questions about climate change. Tune in with us here at 9 p.m. for the last debate!     CBS   CSPAN   Seen this? share our snappy new infographics online to spread the word!      <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" >Final debate watch party</a>  […]


Are you a green voter? Make sure you have the info you need to find your polling place and obey local rules so your vote for the environment is counted this Tuesday, November 6!Use the tool below to look up your polling place. If you need to check your registration status, or have questions about what identification you need to […]

Land of the Free and Home of the Big Oil Bonanza

Every major oil company in the world has an office within a few blocks of each other in downtown Houston. To commemorate the pollution this industry has made, to challenge our government to end the $113 billion in taxpayer handouts we give them and other fossil fuels and to demonstrate a vision for a world without oil — we're hosting […]