If we can get this funny, satirical ad on the air this holiday weekend, it can shake up and wake up millions of our neighbors

You already know that climate change is melting glaciers, deepening California's drought and forcing whole nations to relocate before they're swallowed up by rising oceans.  What a lot of Americans don't know, however, is that our government gives over $20 billion a year to Exxon and the other companies most directly responsible for the climate crisis. It's an outrage, and most […]

Changing the dialogue around bear hunting couldn’t be more urgent

Changing the dialogue around bear hunting in Maine couldn’t be more urgent right now. Thousands of Mainers are currently making the decision on whether or not they support banning baiting, trapping and dogging bears in Maine. If we wait until November, outside pro-hunting groups will have already spent millions of dollars in misleading political ads that depict bears as vicious killers. We […]

Exxon Hates America

Have you ever looked at a news report on rampant climate destruction, industry funded climate denial or the quarterly earnings of big oil companies like Exxon — and thought jeez, do these people just hate America or what? Yeah, me too. Which is why I'm super-proud to announce the sequel to our hit TV ad, "Exxon hates your children" — which was supported by thousands of […]

First national rally to stop fracked gas exports at Cove Point and beyond!

I'm frustrated that despite some good actions reining in coal and cleaning up cars, President Obama and his team are mostly putting the interests of the gas industry ahead of our health, safety and climate. The President's Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has rubber-stamped project after project to expand fracking here and to export fracked gas overseas. That's why I'm going […]

Obama Said WHAT?

Have you seen this? Thomas Friedman interviewed President Obama on climate change, and he's got some interesting things to say about fracking, climate denial, and the need for action. Check it out and encourage others to send comments on Obama's big new rule to cap global warming pollution from power plants (more links and digest below the video). Email friends  Email friends  What's […]

Great news; Tragic news on wolves

Great news: California has enacted new protections to save wolves, and a new litter of wolf pups was born in Oregon for the first time in years! Tragic news: Just as we were writing this, we got confirmation that another member of the same pack as the new parents in Oregon was illegally shot and killed just over the border in […]

Check out our page on the costs to the planet of the Walmart economy

On Wednesday June 4, workers around the country were rising up to demand that Walmart acknowledge what the Walmart economy really looks like. Environmental Action was there too, making sure that what the Walmart economy means for the planet was shared across social media. Check out the page by clicking here.  […]

I can Bear-ly believe this hunting is legal

I don’t know about you, but I love bears. Polar bears, black bears, grizzlies, koala bears (although they aren't really bears). Pretty much all bears. Bears are beautiful, burly, and intelligent, but tragically they are increasingly listed as a threatened species by wildlife experts. In fact, six of the eight bear species are classified as vulnerable or threatened with extinction. Furthermore, bears are […]

Beyonce, Tell Pepsi to stop blocking GMO labels

We've just launched a campaign to ask Beyoncé Knowles, Pepsi's top celebrity sponsor, to tell Pepsi to stop blocking GMO labels. Beyoncé cares deeply about what is in her food, frequently showing off her vegan diets on the popular social media site Instagram. In addition, Beyoncé is a major philanthropist, who donates to many charities involved in providing children access to […]

Reject and Protect – It’s a wrap!

When we started this fight a few years ago, conventional wisdom was that the KXL Pipeline was sure to be built. So even though the State Department delayed the final decision a few weeks ago, that's not a set-back, it's a win for the planet. Every day that the pipeline decision is delayed, the confidence of the investors needed to finance this […]