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The Environmental Movement and Ferguson: From Why to How

I recently attended many of the successful and largely peaceful protest in New York City surrounding the death of Eric Gardner at the hands of the New York City Police Department. On my way home from one of them, I could not help but think about the differences between the protests in New York and those in Ferguson following the […]

30,000 Public Comments for Clean Power

Mondays public comment delivery marks the culmination of two years of grassroots work to put climate change at the forefront of the President and the EPA's agenda. It's a milestone moment that capped months of big actions by supporters at Environmental Action, and weeks of big action and talk from the White House. With all the numbers counted, Environmental Action members […]

200k+ want to un-frack the Clean Power Plan

Washington, D.C. – On the public comment deadline for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed power plant rules, Americans Against Fracking, a national coalition to ban fracking, delivered a letter from over 250 environmental, health, labor and consumer protection groups, along with over 200,000 comments criticizing the rules for incentivizing fracked natural gas.You can view the joint letter here. The EPA’s […]

Six Days Left to Protect the Clean Power Rules

There are only six days left to submit public comments on what some are calling the boldest stance taken by any president to protect the climate.The proposed clean power rules, if implemented, could have a dramatic effect on how we produce energy. If they get support, the rules will reduce global warming pollution from our power-sector by over 30% from […]

Coal-Black Friday at Walmart Nov. 28

Click here to download your sign, then use the instructions on the left to find your local store and plan a delivery! For a company like Walmart, “Black Friday” is the most important day of the year.But this year, there’s a better reason than a sale to visit your local Walmart on Black Friday: Walmart is powered by dirty coal that […]

Walmart needs to clean up its act

A few years ago, Walmart promised to get serious about fighting global warming. They even promised to get 100% of their power from clean, green sources. But Walmart is hiding a dirty secret: They're one of America's largest users of dirty coal electricity. Their U.S. stores use more than 4.2 million tons of coal each year. That's nearly six times […]

Drop a Dime to Stop XL

Enter Your Information Below: This is a make or break moment for our climate. A rogue group of Senators, lead by Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, are forcing a vote to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline. The President might veto the bill, and the legal authority of Congress to build an international climate-killing pipeline is murky, at best. But the fastest […]

Huge News for the Climate

What a roller coaster. Yesterday, the news coming out of the Senate was just flat out scary for the climate. Mitch McConnell, soon to be the Senate majority leader, announced his plans to make building the Keystone Pipeline and dismantling the EPA cornerstones of the Republican agenda. Then, just last night, news broke that President Obama has negotiated the first ever […]

Beyond Extreme Energy

I spent election week in Washington DC with the folks from the Beyond Extreme Energy actions. Many of these brave climate warriors walked thousands of miles across the country to deliver a message that it's time to end fracking and all other extreme forms of energy extraction that are damaging our climate.#fercdoesntwork Tweets For five days last week these activists […]

The Denial is the Hoax

  When I woke up last Wednesday after the election, I immediately thought about how the new congressional leadership would effect the environment. That process was scary in itself, yet it needed to be done because if you don't embrace reality you cannot progress. Reality check: the new congress will see men and women chairing or joining important committees to whom […]

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