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It’s been an interesting week in Lake Wobegon

Well, it was an interesting week in Lake Wobegon. So begins many a funny story on NPR's A Prairie Home Companion. But my own story of trying to place our ad on WNYC has been less ha-ha funny and more of a long, strange trip. I thought I knew what to expect when I called over to National Public Media — the agency that handles […]

Hey Obama, let’s get real about climate numbers

Did you see this infographic from the Obama team earlier this week? I did, and something about it stuck in my craw. I knew all the data was "right", but it seemed too good to be true. If we've done all this great stuff already, then how is climate change not solved? Or, more to the point: If fixing the climate […]

Over 165,000 Comments against Big Coal

 Crossposted from Power Past Coal FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   11/18/2013 Contacts: Drew Hudson, 802-272-9763 Kimberly Larson, 206-388-8674 Kerry McHugh, 206-902-7555 Jasmine Zimmer-Stucky, 503-929-5950 Topping Over 165,000, Unprecedented Numbers Calling for Broad Look at Proposed Coal Export Terminal in Southwest Washington New Polling Finds Majority Living in Cities Directly Impacted By Proposal Opposed Seattle, WA:   Residents traveling up from Longview, WA and over from Beijing made a stop at the Army […]

Would you trust a name like Smuckers? Not after you read this.

Genetically Modifield Organisms (GMOs) are an out of control science experiement that pose a huge threat to the planet. Crops with altered DNA are planted widespread without testing the long term-ecological effects, and these crops quickly spread to non-altered fields through cross-polination by insects and animals. One example close to my heart is that engineered plants with built -in pesticides have harmed […]

One delivery CNBC should send back: climate denial

Sometimes you have to go where they the people are – or in our case, where the news-people are. We did a live broadcast on climate change outside the studios of CNBC, just to show them it could be done. The fact is, though, CNBC's heart is not in its offices, its in the financial district where (mostly) men in suits […]

Fracking Waste + Dubious Transportation = ????

In addition to "Oil Spills from pipeline," another recurring feature of this blog is "bad fracking ideas." Maybe it's the unregulated nature of it, or maybe it's the lingering "natural" image, or some combination thereof, but fracking leads to dubious ideas:Fracking near a fault line! Fracking in parks! Fracking in 10 million people's drinking water! The latest is the idea to […]

Fracking loses at the ballot box

It was quite an election night, with bizarre and interesting battles across the country. What's more, from a tar sands referendum on the Portland, ME (narrowly defeated) to anti-coal terminal candidates in Whatcom County, Bellingham (thus far ahead) the planet was on the ballot as well. As it so often does, the anti-fracking movement was at the crux of the choice […]

Oil Companies less excited about Keystone?

US Oil companies are getting less excited about the Keystone XL pipeline by the day. Is this good news? In this environmentalist’s opinion, NO. Texas and North Dakota are producing more oil and natural gas than ever, making Tar Sands less desirable. The American Petroleum Institute is gearing up to lobby for more oil to be exported oversees. There’s another […]

Another day, another pipeline spill?

Today I saw the news that there were two pipeline spills a week apart last month in Lisbon, Ohio. The company in charge of the pipeline, Access Midstream, claims the spills were stopped before "long-term environmental impact" ensued, but what's really scary is the Ohio EPA's explanation of why a more-serious disaster was averted. "There's so many pipelines going in […]

Release: Environmental Action Members Fighting Fracking On the Airwaves

When members of Environmental Action became fed up with pro-fracking spots aired by the American Natural Gas Association on NPR, they set up a mock website “” to collect their own mesages highlighting the dangers of fracking. Dozens of comments and voices were then edited into a segment intended to serve as a counterweight to the pro-fracking messages on NPR. FOR […]

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