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Fracking Waste + Dubious Transportation = ????

In addition to "Oil Spills from pipeline," another recurring feature of this blog is "bad fracking ideas." Maybe it's the unregulated nature of it, or maybe it's the lingering "natural" image, or some combination thereof, but fracking leads to dubious ideas:Fracking near a fault line! Fracking in parks! Fracking in 10 million people's drinking water! The latest is the idea to […]

Fracking loses at the ballot box

It was quite an election night, with bizarre and interesting battles across the country. What's more, from a tar sands referendum on the Portland, ME (narrowly defeated) to anti-coal terminal candidates in Whatcom County, Bellingham (thus far ahead) the planet was on the ballot as well. As it so often does, the anti-fracking movement was at the crux of the choice […]

Oil Companies less excited about Keystone?

US Oil companies are getting less excited about the Keystone XL pipeline by the day. Is this good news? In this environmentalist’s opinion, NO. Texas and North Dakota are producing more oil and natural gas than ever, making Tar Sands less desirable. The American Petroleum Institute is gearing up to lobby for more oil to be exported oversees. There’s another […]

Another day, another pipeline spill?

Today I saw the news that there were two pipeline spills a week apart last month in Lisbon, Ohio. The company in charge of the pipeline, Access Midstream, claims the spills were stopped before "long-term environmental impact" ensued, but what's really scary is the Ohio EPA's explanation of why a more-serious disaster was averted. "There's so many pipelines going in […]

Release: Environmental Action Members Fighting Fracking On the Airwaves

When members of Environmental Action became fed up with pro-fracking spots aired by the American Natural Gas Association on NPR, they set up a mock website “” to collect their own mesages highlighting the dangers of fracking. Dozens of comments and voices were then edited into a segment intended to serve as a counterweight to the pro-fracking messages on NPR. FOR […]

Climate Changed, then Sandy changed us.

Perhaps the only good thing to come out of the horror of Superstorm Sandy was that politicians, from Chris Christie to Barack Obama, were finally willing to connect the dots between climate change and extreme weather events like hurricanes. Many New Yorkers connected the dots, too. People could see that climate change was here and threatening the largest city in […]

What I learned at PowerShift

PowerShift 2013 was big. There were twice as many people there as at Netroots Nation, which is often billed as the biggest 'progressive' event of the year. It was also, as I put it, "twice as young" meaning that the majority of folks in attendance were in their 20s and late teens. It's really exciting to see that our movement […]

A Sign of Things to Come

As global temperatures rise, so do sea levels, and the lower lying places on the planet are already in crisis.  Global warming has spawned more extreme weather worldwide. The United Nations says that in the last 20 years, "the number of recorded natural disasters has doubled from some 200 to over 400 per year." While we often talk about the damage caused […]

Air Pollution Linked to Lung Cancer

Wonderful. If pollution is not going to cook us, it's going to give us cancer.  This from an international study that found there were 223,000 deaths worldwide in 2010 from lung cancer caused by breathing air pollution. The World Health Organization’s cancer agency, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, issued a statement Thursday after a week of meetings by experts reviewing […]

Put a cork in it, Boehner

UPDATE: The Senate has passed the shutdown deal, with the House set to follow suit later tonight, reopening the government and avoiding default. The Republicans, however, were defiant right up to the end, claiming the government shutdown wasn't completely a bad thing. Why? Because it disabled the EPA. This attempt at humor inlcluded such pearls of wisdom as  giving the […]

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