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Climate Changed, then Sandy changed us.

Perhaps the only good thing to come out of the horror of Superstorm Sandy was that politicians, from Chris Christie to Barack Obama, were finally willing to connect the dots between climate change and extreme weather events like hurricanes. Many New Yorkers connected the dots, too. People could see that climate change was here and threatening the largest city in […]

What I learned at PowerShift

PowerShift 2013 was big. There were twice as many people there as at Netroots Nation, which is often billed as the biggest 'progressive' event of the year. It was also, as I put it, "twice as young" meaning that the majority of folks in attendance were in their 20s and late teens. It's really exciting to see that our movement […]

A Sign of Things to Come

As global temperatures rise, so do sea levels, and the lower lying places on the planet are already in crisis.  Global warming has spawned more extreme weather worldwide. The United Nations says that in the last 20 years, "the number of recorded natural disasters has doubled from some 200 to over 400 per year." While we often talk about the damage caused […]

Air Pollution Linked to Lung Cancer

Wonderful. If pollution is not going to cook us, it's going to give us cancer.  This from an international study that found there were 223,000 deaths worldwide in 2010 from lung cancer caused by breathing air pollution. The World Health Organization’s cancer agency, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, issued a statement Thursday after a week of meetings by experts reviewing […]

Put a cork in it, Boehner

UPDATE: The Senate has passed the shutdown deal, with the House set to follow suit later tonight, reopening the government and avoiding default. The Republicans, however, were defiant right up to the end, claiming the government shutdown wasn't completely a bad thing. Why? Because it disabled the EPA. This attempt at humor inlcluded such pearls of wisdom as  giving the […]

The Hot Just Got Hotter

When it comes to climate change, the bad news keeps getting worse. Nature has published the results of a massive study that looks at global temperature rises and the impact on the climate for most of the world. Using data from 39 different climate models, the researchers were able to create an index of when a particular city's coldest year will […]

Our Rules for Facebook

The Basics Environmental Action welcomes and encourages you to post on our Facebook page, and to offer comments, likes and shares on the stuff we post. This is social media after all and we want to be sociable. We also take your messages, comments and posts seriously – many of our top campaigns were suggested by fans or members right here […]

Fracking…it’s bad for business?

We know fracking is bad for our climate, our air, our land, and our water. But what if it's bad for business too? Like a lot of us, I tend to assume that the Big Gas companies who are focused on drilling are doing so because they stand to unearth a giant underground lake of money. I forget that if anything, […]

Climate Change Brings Early Harsh Weather to South Dakota

There's a good reason that we talk about "climate change" now more so than "global warming" — the warming of the planet does indeed cause heat waves and wildfires, but it also leads to worse, less predictable winter weather. The Tin Foil Hat Brigade loves to focus on a particularly cold day and argue that it's proof that global warming isn't […]

IPCC Prepares to Release Milestone Climate Change Report

Those pesky scientists, always ruining the party for the Flat Earth Society. Sipping their scotch and wearing their gold-trimmed tin foil hats, the Flat Earthers pshaw and harumph the poindexters and their boring facts, choosing instead to light a stogie and remind us that climate change is a hoax. This would be good theatre if not for the sway that Flat […]

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