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100,000 voices have spoken out on oil subsidies, will Reid listen?

100,000 voices have spoken out on oil subsidies, will Reid listen? Daily Kos, Environmental Action, and USAction band together to demand cuts oil subsidies Contact: Drew Hudson, House Democrats, 16 Senators led by Robert Menendez, and President Obama have spoken publicly about the need to end oil subsides as part of a solution to the budget impasse and the haphazard spending cuts […]

Big Oil Wants to Repeal Clean Energy Standards

As Americans push their state lawmakers to increase the use of green energy sources, the oil industry is not politely stepping aside to allow a transition from dirty fossil fuels to clean energy sources like wind and solar power. In state legislatures across the nation, the American Legislative Exchange Council — the top front group representing polluters like the oil industry […]


Two years after Fukushima, there are dozens of nuclear plants just like it operating in the U.S. But President Obama and too many members of Congress are still touting nuclear as 'safe' and 'clean'. It's not – it's a disaster waiting to happen that could impact up to 50 Million Americans.  Scroll down to check out the map to see if […]

Live Chat to End Big Oil Subsidies

Congress has passed a budget – 2 of them in fact. But they still can't agree on how to balance the nation's checkbook, so the stay of budgetary-execution is only temporary. With economic disaster only weeks away — for the third month in a row — the Senate still won't even consider ending the $10 billion in subsidies we give to […]

This lady can kick global warming’s butt, that guy not so much.

President Obama sent mixed signals on his commitment to environmental protection when he announced his nominations to lead the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.  His EPA nominee, Gina McCarthy, is a tried and true environmental advocate with a proven track record on regulating pollution that causes global warming. But Obama's nominee to run the energy department, Ernest Moniz, […]

10 Things I Hate About You, Fracking

The fracking fight has already come to my doorstep in a cozy corner of northwest Philadelphia. During election time, there were as many “No Fracking” signs as there were Obama campaign signs, which means a a lot. I even know an anti-fracktivist who walks her dogs on my street. Confronting fracking as a real issue at home in my community […]

Feds to BP: Don’t Cry Over Spilled Oil

Not that we should be surprised, but US Justice Department lawyers are negotiating a deal to settle its lawsuit against BP over the 2010 oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The deal would have BP pay $16 billion in fines, a large chunk of which would be eligible for BP to claim as a tax break.Yes, that's correct. […]

Update: Fight for your right to frack?

When I heard the governor of Colorado — a Democrat — was threatening to sue over fracking, my hope was that he was suing to prevent it, or hold those who do it accountable to environmental laws. But I was wrong. John Hickenlooper is threatening to sue Colorado towns like Longmont, whose ban we were proud to help out on, for doing the right […]

Shell Abandons ship

I have great news — Shell Oil announced Wednesday it will not resume its oil drilling efforts in the Arctic until at least 2014.* While this is not a promise to drop its goal of putting oil platforms in the wild, remote Arctic, it is an admission by Shell that their plans are fraught with problems.  It […]

Road to Nowhere

"There's a city in my mind Come along and take that ride" "Road to Nowhere," Talking HeadsWe all know the Senate is out of control when it comes to (not) confirming nominees, but here's a great example — one of special interest to Environmental Action members. We've been eagerly waiting the arrival of a new Interior Secretary in the hopes that the Obama […]

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