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Wake up and smell the fracking fluid says EPA Inspector

A damning new report from the EPA's Inspector General has found that the agency in charge of monitoring air pollution doesn't have enough data to know WHAT pollution is being released by many sources. According to the report released Thursday, the EPA isn't measuring emissions from some sources at all — most especially from hydraulic fracturing, the dangerous and unnecessary drilling process […]

Watch the Forward on Climate Rally

Did you see that?! 50,000 of us rallied at the White House to demand that President Obama take us forward on climate by saying "no" to the Keystone XL pipeline and other climate-killing projects. You can watch a recording of the whole event below. Want to do more than just watch? Click here to sign our petition to the President asking him […]

Exxon pressures network into pulling ad from Fox

Nationwide Coalition Pushes Back as Thousands declare “Exxon Can’t Silence Us” Lashing out at their critics, ExxonMobil has threatened Comcast with a cease-and-desist demand to silence a cutting edge ad targeting fossil fuel subsidies. The ad was set to air on Fox News in Houston during Tuesday night’s State Of The Union coverage. The hard-hitting ad, “Exxon Hates Your Children,” which has been […]

Jewell Gives Us Another Chance to Save the Wolves

Jim and Jamie Dutcher are my new heroes. They've released a book through National Geographic detailing the six years they spent living in the wild among a pack of wolves, and their story clearly shows that wolves are an important species that absolutely needs protection.  Here at Environmental Action, we want to maker sure that President Obama and his nominee for […]

But do they really hate your children

We're excited to announce that our Exxon Hates Your Children advertisement, which has already been seen almost 150,000 times on YouTube as well as in DC, New York and Denver, will now be going straight to the “belly of the beast” during primetime coverage of tomorrow's State of the Union address on Fox News. The ad, which was called "genius" by, is […]

Let’s Move Forward on Climate Now

On Presidents Day, will President Obama be listening? Americans already know that global warming is wreaking havoc with the climate. From families hit by monster storms and fires to drought-stricken farmers in the Midwest, millions of Americans have felt the disastrous effects of the climate crisis. Now we need bold and immediate leadership on climate change. That's why on Sunday, Feb. 17 […]

“Exxon Hates Your Children” airing on Fox around State of the Union

In a move sure to surprise their viewers, the hard-hitting “Exxon Hates Your Children” advertisement will be airing in Houston,and Denver on the  Fox News Channel this Tuesday evening during State of the Union primetime coverage. “We could not be happier that Fox News is willing to risk angering their own right-wing viewer base to tell the truth: Exxon is using […]

California’s Oil Boom Could Literally Go Boom, Thanks to Fracking

Fact 1 — Fracking can cause earthquakes. Fact 2 — California is the second most earthquake-prone state in the US (behind Alaska). Fact 3 — The oil industry believes there is as much crude buried deep under the Golden State as there is in Saudi Arabia, but they say they'll need to use hydraulic fracturing (commonly called "fracking") to get it out […]

State of the Union Watch Party

Welcome to our State of the Union watch party! Brought to you by:      &     <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" >State of the Union Watch party</a>Watch via White House Youtube ChannelWatch via CSPAN    […]

Polluters Push Climate Change Propaganda for Public Schools

The front group for the pollution industry has convinced three states to consider bills that, if passed, would require public schools to teach a so-called "balanced" view of global warming, in which the massive scientific proof of of man-made global warming is paired with the polluters' unscientific climate change denial. Oklahoma, Colorado and Arizona's Legislatures are debating similar bills, all written […]

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