clean energy

Tens of thousands of you have spoken out — and now Netflix and Target are taking action for a cleaner, greener world. Read more in our latest campaign update. Campaign Update: Greening NetflixOnline video streaming uses a tremendous amount of energy. And, depending on the source of that energy, it can have a major impact on the air we breathe, water we […]

The Koch brothers can't buy a break — literally. Not even from the Tea Party. Last week the Tea Party Patriots helped push a proposal through Georgia's Public Service Commission that requires the state's largest electric utility to more than double the amount of solar power it uses. Opposing the plan was a local chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a front group […]

States struggling to deal with declining gas tax revenues are unfairly targeting owners of gas-free vehicles to create new revenues. Roads and bridges across the nation are largely built and maintained using money from gas taxes, and those revenues have been falling for years because cars have become more fuel efficient and American's are driving less. But if you buy less […]

The Koch brothers got more bad news over the weekend as the Missouri legislature joined the growing list of states to reject the Koch's proposal to weaken or eliminate state standards requiring the use of renewable energy sources. Already Kansas, North Carolina, Colorado and New York have voted to keep or — in the case of Colorado — strengthen their renewable […]