Philadelphia, PA – Dimock-area residents and activists personally harmed by the hazards of fracking gathered on Monday at the EPA Region 3 office in Philadelphia to call for the reopening of the investigation into drinking water contamination in Dimock, PA. A recent report in the Los Angeles Times revealed that EPA officials in Washington chose to close an […]

When thousands of us supported Gina McCarthy to head the EPA, it was because she was a proven and tough advocate for the planet. When confronted with members of Congress who denied global warming is real, or industry tycoons who claim they couldn't afford to protect the planet and make a profit, we've always been able to count on McCarthy […]

It's official. Thanks in part to the tens of thousands of us who signed petitions, and called and wrote our Senators Gina McCarthy is the new head of the EPA after surviving a more than 150-day filibuster. McCarthy was one of several executive branch appointees have been held up by a series of stalling tactics for the last few months. This is […]

I read with mixed feelings the news that the Senate had decided not to "nuke' itself by enacting the completely reasonable position that a president should have the right to pick his own cabinet free from partisan interference or the general craziness we've come to call "Congress". Why? Because I think the Senate is broken—truly broken—and no amount of reasonable people […]

A damning new report from the EPA's Inspector General has found that the agency in charge of monitoring air pollution doesn't have enough data to know WHAT pollution is being released by many sources. According to the report released Thursday, the EPA isn't measuring emissions from some sources at all — most especially from hydraulic fracturing, the dangerous and unnecessary drilling process […]

Your weekly news roundup on everything environment Arctic Sea Ice Levels to Break Record Within Days Over the weekend, Arctic sea ice is set to reach a new record low since data collection began in 1979, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).  Often called the world’s air conditioner, the amount of sea ice in the Arctic is important because […]