Thanks for agreeing to make a call to save the Monarch butterfly. Below are some talking points, and a short survey you can fill out to tell us how the call went. Call (314) 694-1000 Ask to leave a message for Hugh Grant, Monsanto Chairman and CEO Talking points:Monarch butterflies migrate up to 3,000 miles from Canada to Mexico, traversing most of the […]

Genetically Modifield Organisms (GMOs) are an out of control science experiement that pose a huge threat to the planet. Crops with altered DNA are planted widespread without testing the long term-ecological effects, and these crops quickly spread to non-altered fields through cross-polination by insects and animals. One example close to my heart is that engineered plants with built -in pesticides have harmed […]

Your weekly news roundup on everything environment Rolling ad confronts DC politicians with the face of Wolf Killing Photos of dead and maimed wolves posted online in recent weeks, have started a firestorm of controversy over renewed hunting and trapping of the once federally protected animals. Environmental Action  – a national Environmental Group founded in 1970 that helped push for passage of the […]