• What stopping Fracked Gas Exports looks like

    In the last 48 hours, our movement showed up BIG TIME to stop fracked gas exports at Cove Point, and everywhere else fracking threatens. We rallied by the thousands on Sunday with Tim DeChristopher and our friends at CCAN and Berks Gas Truth to show the White House and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that we want to leave dirty gas in the ground. And then we came back to FERC on Monday Morning - refusing to leave until some of us were carted away in handcuffs.
    Take a look at some of the photos from the last 48 hours.

    Obama Said WHAT?

    Have you seen this? Thomas Friedman interviewed President Obama on climate change, and he's got some interesting things to say about fracking, climate denial, and the need for action. Check it out and encourage others to send comments on Obama's big new rule to cap global warming pollution from power plants.

  • Reject and Protect - It's a wrap!

    Some things, you truly have to see to believe, or at least to understand. Last week's reject and protect rally was one of them. For six days, a coalition of ranchers, tribal communities, environmentalists and many others came together in Washington D.C. to stand united against pollution, climate change and the political odds. Oh, and Neil Young was there, so that was awesome.

    I don't know if this action will stop the KXL pipeline. The State Department has delayed the final decision yet again, so it will be a few more months before we know for sure. But when we stop this pipeline, and all the pipelines, I believe it will be because of actions that look like this. See for yourself here

  • Don't Be Fooled in 2014

    As corporations tout their “green” credentials around Earth Day, our new report details the most misleading, galling or surprising corporate lies about the planet all year. Read all about it and our plan to Deliver the “Award” to Walmart Stores on Earth Day.
    For Immediate Release: April 17, 2014