• News Roundup

    Your weekly news roundup on everything environment

    Arctic Melt Releasing Ancient Methane 

    G8 Agrees to Reduce Three Short-Lived Pollutants, Potentially Delaying Climate Change for Decades

    EU Rejects France’s Ban of Monsanto Maize

    150,000 More Heat Deaths Projected by 2100

    House Energy Committee Votes to Eliminate Smog Protection

    Half of U.S. Nonresidential Construction to be ‘Green’ by 2015

  • News Roundup

    Your weekly news roundup on everything environment

    In this week's issue:

    Two More Corporations Join General Motors in Rescinding Funding for the Heartland Institute

    Eleven groups Sue EPA over Coal Ash

    Michigan Scientists Warn Against Rolling Back Mercury Regulations

    Massive Wind Farm Officially Launched in Kansas

    Study: Climate Change Threatens Seniors’ Health

  • Tell GM to Stop the Lies
  • GM Takes Notice, But More Action Needed


    GM is feeling the heat. We've gathered more than 15,000 petition signatures to the auto maker demanding it stop funding propaganda that disputes climate change science along along with our allies at Forecast the Facts. And GM's top boss has taken notice.

    We appreciate Akerson's promise to investigate the matter, but we're stepping up the pressure and will not relent until GM hits the brakes on Heartland funding.
    We are actively looking for people who currently own a GM car or are thinking about buying one. Already dozens of consumers have pledged not to buy GM again until the company stops funding global warming deniers.
    Find out what's next.