Climate Justice Youth to Senate: The Ban Must Stand!

Climate Justice Youth to Senate: The Ban Must Stand!

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Even though Big Oil has been nothing but naughty, some members of Congress want to give them an early holiday gift. These Senators are willing to deal away our climate, public lands and health in exchange for a weak deal to support renewable energy in a must-pass spending bill. Just today Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), a member of the Democrat’s leadership, stated, “An end to the ban is obviously being pushed hard by [Mitch] McConnell, and there are a couple of in our caucus that agree.”

Before any senator thinks about making a dirty deal that would allow more drilling, bomb trains and climate killing emissions, there are some people they need to hear from. That’s why we sat down with students from the HBCU delegation here in Paris, who come from the communities that woud be affected most, to hear how Big Oil activities impact their communities and what lifting the ban would mean for them.

Scroll down to listen to their stories and then call your senators today and tell them, “The Ban Must Stand” using the tool on your right.

Here are some points you can share with your Senators:

  1. Lifting the ban will make climate change much worse. The Center for American Progress says lifting the ban could increase US oil extraction by as much as 3.3 million barrels per day and result in more than 515 million metric tons of carbon pollution per year.
    1. That is the equivalent of the annual emission from 108 million passenger vehicles or 135 coal-fired power plants.
  2. Lifting the ban increase shipments of crude oil by rail (so called bomb-trains), truck and ship. The oil extraction triggered by lifting the ban would fill 4,500 rail cars per day or 947 Exxon-Valdez sized tankers.
  3. According to a national poll, 69 percent of likely voters oppose crude oil exports, regardless of party. Big Oil backers do not have the votes on their side to lift the ban, so are trying to pass it clandestinely by adding it to the must pass omnibus.
  4. Exporting crude oil will increase pressure to drill in the Arctic Refuge, off our coasts and on our public lands at EXACTLY the moment we need to leave 80% of proven fossil fuel reserves in the ground.  One study estimates these drilling impacts would result in the loss of an area bigger than Arches National Park every year.
  5. Lifting the ban would start a crude cycle that would put billions of dollars in Big Oil’s pockets that they will use to finance candidates who block climate change policy like the Clean Power Plan.


The Crude Cycle_JPEG

Use the tool on the right to enter your phone number, and our system will call you back with some instructions. When you’re ready, push “1” to be connected to the Capitol switchboard and make your call. Make sure to tell your Senators’ office that you want them to clean up the Cromnibus, or kill the bill by any means possible – including a filibuster.

We’ll keep a count of all the calls and report back to you on Monday after the vote. PS – having trouble with the call tool? Click here to look up your senators and call them in D.C. directly.

Hey Senators, Climate Justice youth say “The Ban Must Stand”We helped bring a delegation of students from historically black colleges to Paris for the #COP21 #Climate talks. They’re here to press Barack Obama’s negotiating team to bring home a deal that leaves 80% of fossil fuels in the ground and finances a just transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050. They’re also key allies in building trust with frontline communities in the global south, who don’t trust our Congress to follow through on the deals made here. We told them that Senators like Senator Harry Reid, Senator Chuck Schumer & Senator Cory Booker are considering a deal to lift the ban on crude oil exports. So we asked the students what they thought and they say “THE BAN MUST STAND.”

Posted by Environmental Action on Monday, December 7, 2015