CNN Debate Night LIVE!

CNN Debate Night LIVE!

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Tapper asked us to submit questions that show the differences between candidates, and get at their core views on how to lead this country. That’s exactly why we started Operation Climate Conversation. We certainly delivered on our end, “flooding” his twitter account and the CNN website with tons of climate questions to ask the candidates. The ball is now squarely in Tapper’s court, and we’ll soon find out if he truly has journalistic integrity or if he’s just blowing a bunch of hot air.

The way these candidates answer the call to act on climate really matters. Our next President can continue building on the policies of President Obama, or tear them all down and unleash climate catastrophe. Senate Republicans, including three GOP candidates, announced plans last month to undermine the President’s climate agenda ahead of the summit in Paris this December. The multi-faceted plan includes everything from blocking the funds to help developing nations adapt and respond to climate impacts to intimidating international leaders so they won’t cooperate with a global deal.

Three Republican candidates are Governors who are refussing to implement the Clean Power Plan, a new rule to reduce global warming pollution from power plants. But dozens of other governors, including Republicans like Rick Snyder of Michigan, are planning to comply because they know cutting pollution saves money, protects public health and creates jobs. What’s more, we need every Governor to do more than implement the Clean Power Plan, we need them exceed those modest goals and do more — by banning fracking, investing in efficiency, and building cleaner transportation options — if we’re going to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Two weeks ago we commemorated the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the worst climate fueled disaster in our nation’s history. Katrina is a stark reminder that we live in the age of climate change. We need to know if these candidates will follow Obama’s lead, dismantle the progress we’ve made, or lead us to a fossil-fuel-free future for all. But we’ll only find out those plans if the questions are asked at the debates – and we’ll all find out and have a chance to chime in together on the candidate’s answers next week.

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