Coal-Black Friday at Walmart Nov. 28

Coal-Black Friday at Walmart Nov. 28

For a company like Walmart, “Black Friday” is the most important day of the year.

But this year, there’s a better reason than a sale to visit your local Walmart on Black Friday: Walmart is powered by dirty coal that blackens our skies, flattens our mountains, and destroys our climate.

This Black Friday, print out a sign, head to your local Walmart and snap a photo with some friends. Together with hundreds of striking workers, we’ll send a message that it’s outrageous Walmart is hurts our communities with their pollution and poverty wages. Here’s how:

  1. Download and add your name to our snappy sign, showing that you stand with striking Walmart workers and all of us calling for climate leadership at the world’s largest company.
  2. Use our event tool to find your local Walmart store. There are already protests planned at dozens of stores, so feel free to meet up with striking workers or other allies. Or plan your own event with a friend or two.
  3. Whether you’re one person, or one hundred, go to your local Walmart on Friday, November 28 with your sign, a letter to the store manager, and any other resources you need from this page.
  4. Snap a photo (selfies welcome!) with you and your sign, then head inside and deliver the message to the Walmart manager it’s outrageous that Walmart – the country’s largest employer and the world’s largest company – hurts our communities and our planet with its dirty operations and poverty pay.

Last week we joined allies at the, the Sierra Club, United Food and Commercial Workers, the Institute for Local Self Reliance and others in blowing the lid off Walmart’s claims to be an environmental leader. ILSR’s new report clearly shows the truth that Walmart uses massive amounts of coal to power its US operations.

The report got an immediate response from the media and Walmart’s PR department. They even rushed out an emergency statement that they’re building a couple more solar power installations.

But the simple fact remains that a handful of demonstrations stores cannot make up for Walmart’s over-reliance on the dirtiest form of energy in America. Sign here, if you haven’t already, to tell Walmart to clean up its act.

And then use the instructions on this page to help send that message in-person at dozens of Walmart stores this Black Friday.