Drop a Dime to Stop XL

Drop a Dime to Stop XL

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This is a make or break moment for our climate. A rogue group of Senators, lead by Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, are forcing a vote to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline. The President might veto the bill, and the legal authority of Congress to build an international climate-killing pipeline is murky, at best. But the fastest way to save our planet, is simply to kill this bill in the Senate.

Landrieu and her allies think that because several pro-environment Senators lost their seats in the Mid term elections, she can convince 60 Senators simply to give up on the climate. Help us Prove her wrong:

Use the tool on the right to enter your phone number, and our system will call you back with some instructions. When you're ready, push 1 to be connected to the Capitol switchboard and make your call. Make sure to tell your Senators' office that you want them to vote to STOP Keystone XL by any means possible – including a filibuster.

We'll keep a count of all the calls and report back to you next Tuesday when the vote is scheduled. PS – having trouble with the call tool? Click here to look up your senators and call them in D.C. directly.