Watch the #DemDebate Live with us!

Watch the #DemDebate Live with us!

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Tune in with us to watch the first Democratic presidential primary debate. If you’ve got a question you want Anderson Cooper and his team to ask:

We’ve been pushing hard to get the moderators of the presidential primary debates to ask tough questions about climate change. So far, all the debates have been among the Republican candidates — who mostly deny that climate change is a real, urgent, solvable problem for an American President.

Next Tuesday night all that will change when the leading Democratic nominees for President take the stage to be questioned by CNN’s Anderson Cooper. All these candidates say climate change is a real, urgent problem. And they all claim to have plans to address climate chaos and cut pollution.

But admitting there is a problem is only the first step. For voters to really know what these candidates think, and more importantly will do, we need Copper and his team to spend serious time questioning and cross examining the candidates on the most serious problem facing our planet. Sign here to tell Anderson Cooper and his team at CNN to ask Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and all the candidates tough questions on climate change.

In the first Republican debate, climate change wasn’t discussed at all. In the second another CNN anchor, Jake Tapper, did ask a question about climate change. But the question came more than two hours into the broadcast, and he only allowed three of the 11 candidates on stage to speak for less than three minutes before moving on to the non-sense topic of whether candidates believe in vaccines.

Anderson Cooper needs to do better, and he can. Climate leaders like Tom Steyer and Bill McKibben have already chimed in to ask him to devote significant time to the candidates’ climate plans.

And there’s real news to be found on the topic: The leading Democratic candidates have talked tough on climate, but have yet to flesh out many crucial details. most importantly, we need to know if these candidates will doe more than talk: by breaking from President Obama’s disastrous “All of the Above” policy that has ok’d drilling in the arctic, the Canadian and U.S. tar sands, and off the Atlantic coast, for example. Or whether they recognize and will get tough on the issue of methane leaks (a much more potent global warming pollutant than carbon dioxide) from the U.S. fracking boom — preferably by shutting down fracking wells, pipelines, and other related infrastructure.

The next CNN Debate is just a few days away, can you sign here to tell Anderson Cooper to ask tough, detailed questions on climate change before the debate?