Costco’s bulky packaging is contributing to the plastic waste problem

Wasteful and supersized packaging hurts our planet. That’s why Costco should take unnecessary packaging off of its store shelves.

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Costco’s wholesale stores contain wholly unnecessary packaging.

Take, for instance, a 2-inch tub of eye cream that was sold in an 8-inch by 11-inch plastic shell. Or the rows of gift cards, which are often dwarfed by their plastic and coated cardboard covers.

Costco can and should do more to reduce its plastic footprint. That’s why we’re calling on the retailer to take supersized packaging off of its store shelves. Will you join us?

Companies like Costco need to do their part to prevent plastic waste

It’s estimated that one garbage truck’s worth of plastic is dumped into our oceans every 45 seconds. All this plastic trashes waterways and harms or even kills marine wildlife that mistake it for food.

With waste piling up in our environment and threatening wildlife, it’s time for major corporations to do their part in curbing the crisis.

As one of America’s most popular places to shop, Costco has the opportunity to have a profound impact on the environment.

By reducing its use of unnecessary packaging, Costco will reduce the amount of waste that clogs landfills and litters our environment. Costco will also set a positive example for others in the industry to follow.

Call on Costco to get wasteful packaging off its shelves

Right now, we’re calling on Costco to take action for a more sustainable future. By adding your name to our petition, you can help build the necessary support to see this happen.

Add your name: Costco should take unnecessary packaging off of its store shelves.

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