We need more nature, not less

The United States is losing nature at an alarming rate.

jameswheeler | Pixabay.com

We’re losing forests, deserts, grasslands, and more.

Every 30 seconds, the United States loses a football field’s worth of nature. Forests, deserts, and grasslands are being replaced with development.

Yet, legislation currently in the U.S. Congress aims to prevent further federal conservation of natural areas. Called the Acre-in, Acre-out Act, the bill requires that for every new acre managed by federal agencies, an acre be sold.

Wildlife and wild places need our protection.

Conservation of nature is critical. Forests, grasslands, and other natural areas act as carbon sinks. When they’re destroyed, the carbon that was stored is released into the atmosphere, accelerating climate change.

Protecting our natural spaces is also fundamental to protecting wildlife. As their habitat is transformed into roads and buildings, an unprecedented number of species are struggling to survive.3

Take action to protect more wild spaces.

Currently, only around 12% of the United States is currently protected as national and state parks and wilderness areas.

Clearly, we need more nature, not less.

The Acre-in, Acre-out Act would seriously hinder conservation efforts and prevent more federally protected natural areas. Will you join us in opposing this bill?

Call on your U.S. House representative to support more nature, not less.

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