We need to save Alaska’s Bristol Bay from toxic mining

If we work together, we can permanently protect this natural treasure from destructive mining projects.

Bristol Bay
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Alaska’s Bristol Bay is a wild and unspoiled place. It should never be threatened by toxic mining — ever. 

The intricate network of fjords, rivers and lakes that make up Bristol Bay are home to the most abundant sockeye salmon fishery in the world and play host to bears, birds, walruses, seals, and more. 

The good news is we helped block the proposed Pebble Mine last year — and now we have an opportunity to codify those protections into law to protect this precious place forever. Tell your U.S. House representative to support the permanent protections for Bristol Bay to make sure this place is never scarred by mining.

Bristol Bay is an irreplaceable wild place

Picture this: Rugged mountain peaks abruptly rise from the water, casting their reflection upon the glassy waters below. At night, the sounds of the wild echo over the landscape as wolves howl and loons call to one another across the water. 

Bristol Bay transports you to a primeval past — one before mining, logging and drilling began to pollute and scar our planet. To keep Bristol Bay wild, we’ve worked together to block attempts to mine in and around this natural treasure. Now, we have a chance to make sure those protections last forever.

Toxic mining threatens Bristol Bay

You would think a place like that was permanently off-limits to industry. 

You’d be wrong.

For years, a mining company has been trying to open the Pebble Mine in some of the headwaters of the bay. It would be an open-pit mine the size of Manhattan. A project like that requires pipelines, roads and heavy machinery — all of which would permanently scar this special place.

Fortunately, we helped convince the Environmental Protection Agency to block Pebble Mine last year. But this place is so special, we need to do everything we can to make sure it stays wild forever.

Take action to protect Bristol Bay

The Bristol Bay Protection Act will ensure that salmon runs and the Bristol Bay watershed as a whole are permanently protected from the Pebble Mine and any other mining interests that may seek to damage this special place in the future.

Tell your U.S. House representative: Permanently protect Alaska’s Bristol Bay.