A little too little, but not too late at #COP21

A little too little, but not too late at #COP21

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Word from the #COP21 talks is that we’re on-pace for a final agreement by Friday, but what kind of agreement is still very much in doubt. The key items under dispute remain the same:

Meanwhile, Senator Ted Cruz is planning a hearing today on whether climate change is “Data or Dogma.” Cruz would get laughed out of the Paris climate talks, but he’s also a serious contender for President – which is itself incredibly disturbing. And it casts a long shadow over the talks here that senior members of our government (Cruz chairs a Senate Subcommittee) are still denying the science and refusing to act on climate.

Whatever deal is produced here in Paris, it won’t be the end of our fight. In fact it will just be a small stop on the way to the progress we need to keep 80% of fossil fuels in the ground and finance a just transition to 100% clean energy by 2050. This climate treaty will, at best, show us the status of what we’ve been able to demand from world governments. It won’t be nearly enough to stop climate change – yet. But it’s possible that if we can get an agreement this week, not any agreement at all, but one that sets an ambitious target, and gives us the framework and transparency to come back again and again and demand more … it might just be enough for us to declare victory and go home to the U.S. with an incredible plan for further action.

That’s what I’m looking forward too, anyway.