Double time at the #COP21 talks

Double time at the #COP21 talks

We did double duty today at the #COP21 climate talks! First we helped organize a rally right in the heart of the green zone we told you about earlier with our allies at Corporate Accountability International to kick big polluters OUT of the climate talks. Later in the afternoon, we sat down for some one-on-one time with the god-parents of the modern environmental justice movement: Dr. Robert Bullard and Dr. Angela Wright

Big polluters like Exxon and Shell have free access to the closed off ‘blue zone’ negotiating space because many big energy companies are actually sponsors of the climate talks. But how can we trust our leaders to listen to us and not the biggest polluters in history when they’re bankrolling the very chairs UN negotiators sit in? As one activist at the rally said, there’s clearly a ‘marriage’ between the UN climate team and the corporate polluters. Hundreds of thousands of us signed a petition calling on the U.N to kick big polluters out of the climate talks  and today we delivered your voice in a really big way. Check out the video report below.

Today we were proud to partner with Corporate Accountability International and other allies to deliver thousands of your signatures calling on the United Nations to kick big polluters out of the #COP21 #climate talks. Read all about it at

Posted by Environmental Action on Friday, December 4, 2015

Later in the day, Anthony sat down to interview two of the godparents of the modern Environmental Justice Movement. Environmental Action members have chipped in thousands of dollars to help these two bring a delegation of young, african american activists from Historically Black Colleges and Universities to the #COP21 talks. Anthony and the two doctors discussed why it’s so essential that these young leaders be present to testify on behalf of the people who are hit impacted “first and worst” by climate change and other pollution.

See the whole interview here:

Elsewhere at the #COP21 talks, things are moving slow. Negotiators finished a new draft but it’s over 50 pages long and filled with more than 1500 things they don’t agree on. Some of the small island nations President Obama met with the other day say we should cap global warming at 1.5 degrees celsius, instead of 2 degrees as agreed before the conference. Given that those nations are most at risk from rising sea levels, it’s a valid point of debate. But it’s also a setback at a moment we need everyone to agree on some basic terms of the deal. South African negotiator Nozipho Mxakato-Diseko, chair of the G77 and China group of developing countries, also laid into the global north (including us in the U.S.) over the issue of whether and how much we’re willing to spend helping our neighbors adapt to climate change.

Given all the turmoil, and without a clear path forward — you can see why it’s more important than ever that we kick big polluters out of the climate talks, and get frontline negotiators (like Bullard, Wright and their students) IN the room.

If you agree, and appreciate that we’re not just talking about the talks, we’re fighting to get the right people in the room – and the wrong people out, why not chip in a few dollars to support our activism and reporting?

Elsewhere at the #COP21 talks today our friends from Oil Change International released a new report on the damning connection between Big Oil subsidies and other fossil fuel tax breaks and climate chaos. David Turnbull says, “We’ve got new analysis out today at ‪#‎COP21‬ that shows that G7 countries plus Australia spend 40 times more on fossil fuel production subsidies than they’ve pledged to the Green Climate Fund. Time to ‪#‎StopFundingFossils‬