I’m not a scientist?

I’m not a scientist?

Republican's have a new go to talking point when it comes to climate change: "Well I'm not a scientist". 

If you're like me, every time I see a republican use this line on the news, my blood boils.  But here's the upside. It's no longer in vogue for Republicans or anyone to be a climate denier. Just two years ago, at the Republican presidential debates, all of the candidates except one denied climate change.

As a result of public education, and increased awareness because of climate change related natural disasters, like super storm sandy, there isn't a single state in the United States where the majority of citizens are skeptics. 

Who knows what this will mean for the Republican party and future elections, but next time you hear the frustrating line "I'm not a scientist", you can think of the upside.

Check out Stephen Colbert's parody of prominent Republicans telling the news they are not scientists.