Making some noise at the #COP21 talks

Making some noise at the #COP21 talks

After two days of talks, negotiators aren’t making much progress at Le Bourget and the #COP21 talks. But the good news is that the Congressional climate stunts we reported on yesterday don’t seem to be having much of an impact either.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius basically waved off Congress’ attempts to COP-block climate progress saying, “My sense is that that wasn’t a great surprise, what happened. We know the position that the Congress has, well at least the position of many of the Republicans in Congress.” He said these vote “does not prevent things from moving forward because as you have said this is a global cause.”

While negotiators were squabbling, and Congress was being churlish, we were meeting frontline activists from around the world, including this amazing woman from Afghanistan:

She spoke right before Anthony, who also testified to a crowd about environmental justice and how Climate change is itself a system of oppression.

Anthony testifies on #ClimateAt the #COP21 #Climate talks today, Anthony gave some brief testimony (simultaneously translated into french) on the talks, climate justice and why we’re all here. Like it? See some more at

Posted by Environmental Action on Friday, December 4, 2015

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