NYT, Don’t stop covering Climate Change

NYT, Don’t stop covering Climate Change

Major media outlets like CNN, ABC and the New York Times (NYT) play a major role in shaping what’s on everyone's minds. While most of these news outlets are biased, corporate owned, and play loads of hogwash, sometimes the media can make a big difference in helping popular social movements. The example that comes to mind is of photos and stories in major newspapers that elevated the civil rights movement in the hearts and minds of everyday Americans across the country or more recently, oil soaked birds the BP oil spill.

Unfortunately, the United States lags behind every region except South America and Africa in its coverage of climate change.* And the NYT is following that trend.Paper Coverage climate change

With over 2 million weekly readers, and countless more digital subscribers, the NYT has an enormous following. Tragically, over the last year, the New York Times has made a dramatic drop in its coverage of climate change*.  Since January 2013, the NYT has:

·      Dismantled its team devoted solely to climate change coverage

·      Dropped its daily green blog on environmental news

·      Decreased its number of articles covering climate change from 363 to 242

·      Decreased its number of front page articles from 9 to 3

A large part of this is because the NYT thinks there is a lack of demand for climate change news coverage.  Last week, one of the NYT’s public editors wrote an editorial detailing some of the drops in NYT coverage of climate change. 

If you want to speak out against this disturbing trend, write a letter to the editor on why climate change coverage in the NYT is important to you.

* For more stats on NYT and other US newspaper coverage of climate change you can visit the institute of Science Policy’s website.