Save the Bobcats!

Save the Bobcats!

Illinois lawmakers rammed through a bill (H.B. 352) to open a hunting and trapping season on bobcats for the first time in over four decades despite opposition from 75 percent of Illinoisans. These small, shy creatures were over hunted to the brink of extinction, and their populations are only starting to make a recovery.

Bobcats aren’t hunted for food or to defend farms. Instead, these beautiful wild cats are killed entirely as trophies.

H.B. 352 would open the door to some of the cruelest, most barbaric methods of hunting – including allowing packs of dogs chase the bobcat through the woods, and brutal steel-jawed leghold traps. These traps are illegal in many parts of the world, because they inflict excruciating pain to their victims – including forcing some animals to chew or twist off their own limbs as they struggle for freedom.

save the bobcatsConflicts between bobcats and humans are minimal, and they pose no threat to public safety. Although an avid hunter himself, even Governor Rauner can surely agree that this level of unjustified cruelty is just wrong.

Please make a brief, polite call to Gov. Rauner Today at 312-814-2121 and ask him to veto H.B. 352.

This is an urgent campaign please donate here to help us run ads pressuring Gov. Rauner to veto the bobcat hunt.