Smucker’s Vice President just said What?

Smucker’s Vice President just said What?

Smucker's said what?Last week, the Wooster College Voice ran an article highlighting the campaign by dozens of Wooster college students and tens of thousands of Environmental Action members who to tell Smucker's to stop blocking GMO labeling.

On Friday, Maribeth Burns, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Schmucker's (The J.M. Smucker Company), responded.  You can view a clipping of the article below, it isn't up online yet.

Here are the take aways:

  • Ms. Burns and Smucker's are ridiculous.  There response flat out lies and states that GMOs have reduced pesticide use and don't damage the environment.  Furthermore, they think that GMO labeling will reduce consumer choice. Really? How does knowing MORE about what's in my food decrease my choices?
  • A Smucker's vice president was either having a slow week and decided to spend a few hours drafting up a response to our campaign for the fun of it OR our work to tarnish Smucker's brand for blocking GMO labeling has the #2 at this Fortune 500 company worried. I like to think the latter.

Smucker's missed the entire point of the article. A group of students and community members are concerned that a Fortune 500 company has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars preventing them from knowing what is inside their food.  Smucker’s knows that that when consumers find out that the process of making the strawberries in their jams and jellies is causing tremendous harm for the planet, their customers will go elsewhere.  Smucker’s blocking genetically modified organism (GMO) labeling is about Smucker’s making money.  It has nothing to do with what is best for the consumer or best for the planet.

Rita Frost, a senior at Wooster College and a local leader with Environmental Action has been invited to respond to Smucker's letter to the editor and they'll publish her story later this week.  In the meantime, Rita and a team of Wooster College students and community members will be heading straight to Smucker's headquarters this Thursday to demand a meeting.  Hundreds of Environmental Action members have already signed up to make call after call during the day to "jam" Smucker's phones and demand that they meet with Rita and hear her message.

We'll keep you posted on how the meeting goes.