A victory for the planet in Detroit!

A victory for the planet in Detroit!

On July 29, Kevyn Orr, the city’s unelected emergency manager,returned control over the Detroit Water and Sewage Department to the mayor and city council. This means that the Water Board is in the hands of the public again and elected officials again, not an appointed manager.

Our Accomplishments

Our round-the-clock efforts, generated over 20,000 emails and signatures to Governor Snyder to ensure that one of our most precious resources is in the hands of the public and not corporations. Your activism, energy and drive made Michigan's Governor recognize the universal right to water and the protection of our planet by opposing water privatization.

What's Going On Now

In Toledo, Ohio, because of massive industrial pollution and contamination almost 500,000 people cannot access clean water, affecting 127 trillions of gallons of water. Other cities that put in a lot of water infrastructure during the industrial boom, like Los Angeles and Chicago, can expect to see the same problems.

In addition, California’s drought has reached epic proportions, with nearly 60 percent of the state in exceptional drought.

The EPA has been releasing reportsabout how America’s water infrastructure is outdated, failing, and generally unsafe, and how it’s going to take dramatic changes in funding to make a difference for our environment.

What's Next

The water crisis in Detroit is a wake-up call. We must all demand improved conservation, environmental protection, and access to clean water for the sake of our planet.

Our next steps will be to submit your signatures to the Mayor and City council of Detroit in person, urging them to make a decision that will benefit both the public and our planet.

And we're working on expanding our campaign for clean, public water that protects wildlife and human health by reaching out to State and Federal Agencies in the Great Lakes region and waterways clean. Stay tuned for more ways you can help keep water safe, clean and out of the hands of corporate polluters.

Thanks again for being part of Environmental Action.