Environmental Action is seeking a new Executive Director to manage and expand Environmental Action.

Mission and Background: Environmental Action was one of the key players in the environmental victories of the 1970s – passage of the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, NEPA, and more. In 2011 the organization was re-launched with a new approach: to use digital tools and tactics to call for what is necessary to protect our planet, not just what’s politically feasible. Our mission is to enlarge the frame of debate about the environment by articulating the hard choices our society needs to make, demanding meaningful action from leaders and polluters, and ultimately making substantial change a political reality. In the last five years, the organization has grown dramatically online – to nearly 1 million email addresses and 200,000 Facebook fans – and is now a key part of several major coalitions.  We have a small staff of 3, and are looking to expand, continue, and improve the work we’ve done with a new director.

Priorities and Strategies:

  • One of the most important ways for Environmental Action to execute its mission is to enlarge the frame of the debate. Environmental Action will prioritize communications – reaching as many people as possible and educating them about the problems and solutions.
  • Our second strategy is to continue to pursue close synergy between online and offline organizing. We’ve shown success online and are now capable of reaching and moving tens of thousands of people on any given day. Now we wish to combine those tactics with true grassroots power that moves people to take action and make changes in their daily lives and that deepens their engagement with our issues and organization.
  • The last key strategy will be developing new program areas. Environmental Action will need to meet people where they are at and then cultivate a deeper awareness and understanding of and participation in solving our biggest environmental challenges.

Job Description: The Executive Director will be charged with developing and executing a 3-year strategic plan to grow the staff of Environmental Action, upgrade and expand Environmental Action’s programmatic work, develop new sources of grant and large donor funding, and grow Environmental Action’s digital audience and income streams. Outgoing Executive Director Drew Hudson will have served in the position from November 2011 through July 2016.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop a 3-Year Strategic plan for Environmental Action in consultation with experts at the Public Interest Network.
  • Hire, train, and oversee a core staff, including a Program Director, Communications Director, Field Director, and potentially field organizers.
  • Develop program areas and campaigns, with a specific emphasis on climate change, endangered species, sustainable farming/food policies, and clean water. Campaigns should build power in the long-term while achieving victories in the short-term.
  • Manage and oversee the day-to-day finances and operation of the organization, including but not limited to payroll, requisitions, legal and administrative compliance, tax and regulatory filings and more.
  • Recruit, develop and manage the boards of our C3 and C4 corporations to add expertise, earn their support for key campaigns, and satisfy legal and budget oversight.
  • Expand Environmental Action’s already strong online program and incorporate more offline and in-person organizing opportunities such as door-to-door canvassing, voter registration, events, and house parties.
  • Oversee and direct fundraising for both the C3 and C4 corporations including online small donors, major donors, peer-to-peer fundraising, recurring monthly donors, canvass and telephone outreach, direct mail, and grant-seeking.

Qualifications: We are looking for candidates who have 5+ years of experience in organizing or advocacy and staff management. Candidates must have a demonstrated commitment to nonprofit and political work, with an enthusiasm for Environmental Action’s mission and a commitment to grassroots social change. Applicants must have stamina, the capacity to produce high-quality work on a deadline, and be unafraid to take tough stands. They should be able to work well independently but be more motivated by the success of the whole than by their own achievement.  A team orientation that combines congeniality, creativity, and a sharp focus on goals to drive and motivate others is a must.

Applicants should have excellent verbal communication, analytical and planning skills. Applicants must demonstrate a high-level of aptitude as a writer to multiple audiences. They should have the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously. An outstanding work ethic and an entrepreneurial mindset are expected.

Locations, Salary & Benefits:  Boston, Denver, Washington, DC (though other locations in major cities will be considered). Salary is commensurate with experience. Generous benefits package.

To Apply: Submit your resume and cover letter and complete our online application. No phone calls please.

The Public Interest Network: Environmental Action works closely with the Public Interest Network, a family of more than a dozen organizations working for social change throughout the United States. Environmental Action shares many of the values of member groups, including a model for organizational success that emphasizes goal-setting, accountability, and sustainable expansion. Environmental Action takes seriously the mission of identifying, recruiting and training the next generation of leadership for the public interest movement, and it works with the Public Interest Network when new opportunities or challenges arise to share resources, ideas and technical expertise.