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Defend this Critical Climate Protection

We need action to limit pollution from oil and gas drilling. Tell Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to keep limits on methane pollution in place on public lands! The Trump administration is once again making moves to repeal the rule restricting methane emissions that accelerate climate change. The rule would require oil and gas companies to capture methane leaks, which would reduce 180,000 tons […]

Monarch butterfly (Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash)

This Earth Day, protect monarchs, not Monsanto’s Roundup

In just the past year, we’ve lost 16 million monarch butterflies. Monarchs face a range of threats, but one of the biggest is Monsanto’s Roundup. Milkweed is a critical source of food for monarchs. But increased use of Roundup means that milkweed is disappearing — and so are the monarchs that go with it. Monarchs are Threatened A new study has shown […]

Monarch butterfly (Photo Composition: Noah Silliman via Unsplash)

Environmental Action Shares: Week of April 13, 2018

This week’s Environmental Action shares include important stories on methane waste, the wolves of the American Southwest and the urgent campaign to save North Atlantic right whales. Share any or all of these stories on Facebook and Twitter and encourage your friends on social media to talk about the environment. Environmental Action Shares for Facebook Environmental Action Shares for Twitter RoundUp kills the […]

Entangled North Atlantic right whale (Photo: Sea to Shore Alliance / NOAA Permit #20566

Right Whale Extinction Alert: No Confirmed Births in 2018

This should be a time of hope and new beginnings for the beleaguered North Atlantic right whale. North Atlantic right whales birth their calves from December to March, but this year the calves are missing. Scientists have yet to confirm any 2018 whale births.1 Help us protect vital habitat for these unique creatures and champion commercial fishing gear improvements to save […]

Rainforest Protection: The last step is the hardest and most important.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the first step is the hardest” plenty of times. And, indeed, it often is. Think of the courage it took for civil rights marchers to take the first step onto Selma’s Edmund Pettus Bridge. Or for Neil Armstrong to take his first small step. But, in many cases, it’s the last step that’s the most difficult, […]

Me, Edward Abbey, and the Making and Unmaking of Utah’s National Monuments

   Edward Abbey, the iconoclastic defender of places like the Valley of the Gods, part of the Bears Ears National Monument that has been cut out of the area by the Trump administration. I would have paid good money to see Edward Abbey respond to the auctioneer putting on the block lands within the original boundaries of the Bears’ Ears and […]

Environmental Action Shares: Whale in Alaska (Photo: Steve Halama via Unsplash)

Environmental Action Shares: Week of April 6, 2018

This week’s Environmental Action shares: Monarch butterflies, elephants and more. Encourage your friends on social media to talk about the environment by sharing any or all of these stories on Facebook and Twitter. Environmental Action Shares for Facebook Environmental Action Shares for Twitter #Monsanto won’t stop selling the monarch butterfly-threatening Roundup on their own. That’s why we need @EPA to ban this toxic […]

Solar Panels Are Not Washing Machines

Solar panels and washing machines are an odd couple. But they were the first targets of what the Trump Administration calls its attempt to protect America from other countries’ unfair trade practices. For the sake of argument, let’s assume that the Administration is factually correct in saying that China, Korea, and other countries are violating agreed-upon trade rules by excessively subsidizing companies […]

Who Will Be The Churchill of Our Energy Policy?

Churchill Mania is back. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, the second-most quoted Englishman of the 20th Century (behind a certain two-headed songwriter from Liverpool), has re-emerged in the last two years as a touchstone for political and cultural debates, both in America and the British Isles. He was the subject of the Oscar for Best Actor. The whereabouts of his bust in the […]

Boundary Waters: Thank you for taking action

Thank you to everyone who submitted comments and took environmental action to protect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northern Minnesota. In 30 days, we gathered and submitted over 28,200 comments to the U.S. Forest Service. We asked them to prepare a full comprehensive study that examines the disastrous impacts of mining on the edge of America’s most visited wilderness. For […]

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