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It was seriously cold in New York City last night. So cold that I swear I saw a tauntaun run across Rockaway Boulevard on my way to the hearing for the proposed Port Ambrose LNG Import facility. Nonetheless, a coalition of fractivists including Surfrider Foundation, Sane Energy Project, Food and Water Watch and New Yorkers Against Fracking brought the heat […]

C’est La Veto

President Obama has promised to veto the Keystone Pipeline bill if the Senate passes it this week. But that may not stop the new pipeline-pals running Congress. Right now, the Senate bill has 60 co-sponsors; that means they need just six more Senators to override the President's veto. When it comes to stopping this climate-killing pipeline, we can't afford to take […]

Take Action

Here’s a list of some of our current campaigns. Click on one of the links to learn more and take action online. Got a better idea? Tell us about it. Or even better: make your own petition with us and, America’s largest community of online progressives, and we’ll help introduce you to thousands of other environmental activists online! Wildlife Save the Wolves! Save the Bears! Oil, […]

COP20 Kicks The Climate Change Can

The United Nations Climate Change Conference recently wrapped up in Lima, Peru producing an agreement between over 200 nations known as the "Lima Accord. On the surface, it appears that the Lima Accord ends an impasse that has prevented the UN from creating a global concerted effort to fight climate change. However, digging deeper, the Lima Accord is more superficial rhetoric […]

2014 in Review

I could tell you all the amazing stuff we did this year – from 2 million comments to stop the KXL pipeline, to speaking out for wolves, bears and elephants, to 400,000 of us marching in the streets for climate action, or dozens of us locking down to stop fracking. I could tell you, but I'd rather just show you, because […]

Clean the Cromnibus or Kill it.

Enter Your Information Below: Late last night, the Republican-controlled house passed a 2015 Fiscal Year Omnibus Spending Bill loaded with provisions that will damage the planet. We like to call this grab-bag of polluter give-aways, the Climate Killing Cromnibus. If this is a preview of what's to come from Congress, it's not good. This bill was written in a cigar smoke filled […]

Lame Duck; Lame Bill

The Republicans didn't even wait until assuming control of the full Congress to unleash their attack on the environment. They've given us a preview of what's to come and unwrapped a surreptitious spending bill, called the Cromnibus. Written in a cigar smoke filled back room, the bill contains a litany of stocking stuffers for their polluting pals, just in time […]

The Environmental Movement and Ferguson: From Why to How

I recently attended many of the successful and largely peaceful protest in New York City surrounding the death of Eric Gardner at the hands of the New York City Police Department. On my way home from one of them, I could not help but think about the differences between the protests in New York and those in Ferguson following the […]

30,000 Public Comments for Clean Power

Mondays public comment delivery marks the culmination of two years of grassroots work to put climate change at the forefront of the President and the EPA's agenda. It's a milestone moment that capped months of big actions by supporters at Environmental Action, and weeks of big action and talk from the White House. With all the numbers counted, Environmental Action members […]

200k+ want to un-frack the Clean Power Plan

Washington, D.C. – On the public comment deadline for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed power plant rules, Americans Against Fracking, a national coalition to ban fracking, delivered a letter from over 250 environmental, health, labor and consumer protection groups, along with over 200,000 comments criticizing the rules for incentivizing fracked natural gas.You can view the joint letter here. The EPA’s […]

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