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Defending Core Environmental Protections

Environmental Action supporters and other nature lovers across the country convinced Congress to reject President Trump’s devastating budget cuts for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this year. This is an important victory, but we are just getting started. It’s clear: We need a strong Environmental Protection Agency to make sure that our wildlife and wild places are protected, and that our communities […]

Gray whale, Provincetown. Photo: Thomas Kelley, Unsplash

Doing Right By Right Whales

North Atlantic right whales are on the brink of extinction. In late January, a dead right whale entangled in fishing line appeared on Virginia’s coast. She was #3893 in the New England Aquarium’s catalog of North Atlantic right whales. And, as one of only around 100 reproductively mature North Atlantic right whales remaining on the planet, if she were still alive […]

Defending Minnesota’s Pristine Boundary Waters

In March, the U.S. Forest Service announced plans to significantly downgrade its study on the risks posed by sulfide-ore copper mining to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness—reducing the promised Environmental Impact Statement to a less rigorous Environment Assessment. Sulfide-ore copper mining is one of the most toxic industries in America. The toxic pollution from these mines would flow right […]

Monarch butterfly (Photo: Pixabay)

Working To Save Monarch Butterflies

This year, measurements of the overwintering monarch population in Mexico showed yet another season of decline: Monarchs covered 14.7 percent less acreage in Mexican forests than they did last year. Monarchs have been vanishing—they’ve lost 90 percent of their population since their peak in the 1990s. One of the significant reasons? Monarchs are losing their caterpillars’ main source of food, […]

tax bill threatens polar bears

Environmental Action Shares: Week of June 8, 2018

Check out this week’s Environmental Action shares and help spread the word about these stories… Shares for Facebook Shares for Twitter Please support Environmental Action’s 50-state campaign to ban polystyrene pollution that harms whales, sea turtles and other wildlife. Donate to help: — Environmental Action (@EnviroAction) June 1, 2018 Selling off the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the industry most responsible for warming the […]

Make a Monumental Difference! Photo: Bears Ears National Monument (Photo: BLM)

America’s national monument system: 112 years & 130,000 signatures later…

Today is the 112th anniversary of America’s national monument system — and we’re working hard to protect these special places for future generations. Environmental Action’s Communications Director Sally King explains… Today is a big day for public lands — and I want you to be a part of it! President Theodore Roosevelt signed the Antiquities Act into law 112 years ago today […]

Give monarchs a fighting chance

To save monarch butterflies, Environmental Action supporters have submitted more than 30,000 public comments to the Environmental Protection Agency calling for a ban on the main chemical in Roundup, glyphosate. The chemical is destroying the milkweed these butterflies need to survive. And we can’t stop now if we are going to save our monarchs from extinction. Monsanto and other powerful companies […]

Urge McDonald's to stop pushing plastic straws. | Erin Simmons, Unsplash

Tell McDonald’s: Hold The Plastic Straws

McDonald’s is one of the largest distributors of plastic straws in the world — straws that wind up polluting our ocean and environment and harming sea turtles, whales and other wildlife. The fast food chain is already phasing out straws in their UK restaurants. Help us convince McDonald’s to do the same in the US. Plastic Straws Threaten the Environment We’re going […]

Monarch butterflies

Beautiful monarch butterfly photos!

People across the country are taking steps to save North America’s imperiled monarch butterflies — and sharing gorgeous photos of how they’re making a difference. How you can help monarchs Make Your Backyard Monarch-Friendly Find out how planting native milkweed can provide crucial habitat for these beloved butterflies. Take Action Online Since their peak in the mid-90s, monarch populations have decreased by 90 percent, in […]

Wolverine | Photo by Victor Benard on Unsplash

Environmental Action Shares: Week of June 1, 2018

This week, help spread the word for the environment with any or all of these social media shares about wildflowers, wolverines and America’s largest national forest. Facebook Environmental Action Social Media Shares Twitter Environmental Action Social Media Shares The Tongass is America’s largest national forest — and the largest intact temperate rainforest in the world. We need your help to keep it wild: […]

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