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TRAINING: Take your petition to the next step

Now that you’ve created your petition, do you want to learn to take it to the next step? Sign up here for a live web training Thursday night with Field Organizer Jesse Bacon.   […]

Obama Said WHAT?

Have you seen this? Thomas Friedman interviewed President Obama on climate change, and he's got some interesting things to say about fracking, climate denial, and the need for action. Check it out and encourage others to send comments on Obama's big new rule to cap global warming pollution from power plants (more links and digest below the video). Email friends  Email friends  What's […]

Great news; Tragic news on wolves

Great news: California has enacted new protections to save wolves, and a new litter of wolf pups was born in Oregon for the first time in years! Tragic news: Just as we were writing this, we got confirmation that another member of the same pack as the new parents in Oregon was illegally shot and killed just over the border in […]

Check out our page on the costs to the planet of the Walmart economy

On Wednesday June 4, workers around the country were rising up to demand that Walmart acknowledge what the Walmart economy really looks like. Environmental Action was there too, making sure that what the Walmart economy means for the planet was shared across social media. Check out the page by clicking here.  […]

Walmart Economy

We did it! Our  message was even heard within the halls of Walmart shareholder meeting, which are usually governed by a "one dollar, one vote" system. But this year, progressive board candidates that support the environment and workers received more than a quarter of the non-family votes, and some social responsible proposals got as much 40%. Think about that: it's […]

Where to Vote June 3, 2014

Make a plan, use this tool to look up your polling place – and then remind all your friends to vote for the planet on June 3!   […]

I can Bear-ly believe this hunting is legal

I don’t know about you, but I love bears. Polar bears, black bears, grizzlies, koala bears (although they aren't really bears). Pretty much all bears. Bears are beautiful, burly, and intelligent, but tragically they are increasingly listed as a threatened species by wildlife experts. In fact, six of the eight bear species are classified as vulnerable or threatened with extinction. Furthermore, bears are […]

LIVE – Tell EPA to get tough on Frackers

Environmental blog Grist moderated a live video chat with Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy on Monday, May 19. You can watch the archived version if you missed it below. This will keep going beyond Monday: you can sign the petition to tell the EPA to stop censoring fracking reports or keeping asking your questions about the EPA's fracking […]

Report your call to the EPA!

UPDATE: The EPA Is blocking our number! Please call 202-564-5700 instead to speak with the Acting Asst Administrator Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water. The EPA is supposed to protect people and the planet from pollution. It failed.  Last year — under pressure by the oil and gas industry — the Environmental Protection Agency shut down its investigations into fracking-related water contamination We […]

RSVP to protest Walmart’s Sustainability Summit in DC

The event is Wednesday, May 7, at 3:30 p.m. Sign up below to let us know you can attend. Loading…Haven't signed the petition to Walmart calling it for greenwashing? Click here to do so.  […]

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