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Water is a public trust and human right. Turn Detroit Water Back On!

Did you hear the news? Last week, we declared a victory in the Detroit water crisis. Together, we took a huge step to prevent privatization and corporate destruction. Together, over 20,000 of us spoke out and together we've kept water a public trust and shown Detroit that environmentalists have their back! But the fight is still not over. Water shutoffs by […]

Would you let this happen to Winnie-The-Pooh?

In almost every ecosystem they inhabit, bears are apex predators. Not only are they intelligent, burly, and beautiful animals, but they keep populations of other animals and the environment all around their habitat in balance. Which is why it's shocking that Maine is the last state in the country that allows baiting, trapping and dogging of bears — three of the cruelest […]

Watch our #ActOnGMOs Video Chat here!

On Monday, August 4th, we hosted a Live Google Hangout event with Katrina Staves from Just Label It to talk about the importance of GMO Labeling, and our recent campaign to help push the initiative forward. Watch the clip below for more information. Just yesterday in San Francisco, our lead activist Kingman dropped one hundred lawn signs at Beyonce’s concert to […]

A victory for the planet in Detroit!

On July 29, Kevyn Orr, the city’s unelected emergency manager,returned control over the Detroit Water and Sewage Department to the mayor and city council. This means that the Water Board is in the hands of the public again and elected officials again, not an appointed manager. Our Accomplishments Our round-the-clock efforts, generated over 20,000 emails and signatures to Governor Snyder to ensure […]

Join Environmental Action for our #ActOnGMOs Video Chat on Monday at 8pm EST!

Join Environmental Action for our #ActOnGMOs Video Chat on Monday at 8pm EST! Our campaign to have Pepsi’s top celebrity endorser, Beyonce, tell their brand to stop blocking GMO labeling is culminating next Tuesday at Beyonce’s concert in San Francisco! Join us on Monday, August 4th for a live video chat with local activists, policy experts on GMOs and local ways you can participate. Our day of […]

Environmental Action #ActOnGMOs Live Video Chat

  TweetLive Blog Environmntal Action #ActOnGMOs Live Hangout Fill out the form below to RSVP for our live event on Monday August 4th at 8:00 PM Eastern Time. Our campaign to have Pepsi's top celebrity endorser, Beyonce, tell their brand to stop blocking GMO labeling is culminating next Tuesday at Beyonce's concert in San Francisco! Join us on Monday, August 4th at […]

Join us for our Day of Action at Beyonce’s Concert

Pepsi’s main celebrity endorser, Beyonce, who they lavish millions of dollars upon is performing all over America this month. This is a unique opportunity to educate tens of thousands of her fans about GMO labeling and draw her attention to tell Pepsi to stop blocking GMO labels.If there is any time that Pepsi will listen to Beyonce about not blocking GMO […]

“Beyonce, we should put a label on it!”

  GMO labeling is finally taking off! Just last week, more than 155,000 Oregon voters signed to support a state ballot initiative to require GMO labeling. Within the past year, three New England states – Connecticut, Maine, and Vermont – have all succeeded in passing GMO labeling bills through their state legislatures.  We’ve seen tremendous success so far this year, including the 1.4 million people who have […]

What stopping Fracked Gas Exports looks like

In the last 48 hours, our movement showed up BIG TIME to stop fracked gas exports at Cove Point, and everywhere else fracking threatens. We rallied by the thousands on Sunday with Tim DeChristopher and our friends at CCAN and Berks Gas Truth to show the White House and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that we want to leave dirty gas […]

Submit a Letter to the Editor: Bangor Daily News

We're continuing our fight to convince voters in Maine to preserve bear populations and end some of the most inhumane hunting practices in the state. But powerful politicians like Governor Paul LePage are telling Mainers that if they ban the bear hunt, it will hurt the tourism industry that so many people depend on for jobs and money. It's up to […]

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