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Hate fracking? You’ll REALLY hate fracking near our state parks

Governor Corbett isn’t listening to Pennsylvanians. During his annual budget address last week, he announced plans to open our state forests and, for the first time, our state parks to fracking in order to fill a one-time budget gap. Corbett's plan would "lease new underground mineral rights near existing drilling sites or through adjacent properties," effectively overturning the moratorium on […]

Our date with Schmucker’s

On Saturday, we had a fun date with Smucker's (but maybe not so fun for them.) Tons of Environmental Action members showed up in their grocery stores, put signs in front of the Smucker's jams, and told the store managers they wanted GMOs labeled in their products. Check out the photo below of one member in Seattle, Washington, where Smucker's […]

LIVE: Planet’s official response to Walmart

  Watch a replay below of our response to Walmart's sustainability milestone meeting. On President's Day, Feb. 17th, Walmart presented what they said was remarkable progress to protect the planet – including announcements from their new CEO Doug McMillon. But the facts tell a different story: Walmart's global warming pollution is increasing, their use of renewable energy has stalled at less than 5% while […]

A heck of a night

Our friends at Sierra club made this great storify about last night. If you were there too – share your story with us on Facebook or on Twitter! If you're inspired by these images, send your message to the State Department and President Obama today – the 30 day public comment period starts tomorrow![View the story “February 3: Nationwide vigils against […]

One of those times

There's been a lot of emails this weekend from our friends, so I thought it might help to throw out a few clarifications before the Monday events so many of you are planning to attend. First, lets reiterate what we said on Friday: The State Department report is not the final word on KXL. We know that will be a 30-day […]

Update: What’s in the jam, Smucker’s?

There's only two things that gets me more worked up than when a Fortune 500 company trashes the planet.—one is when the company lies about it, and two is when it spends hoards of cash to stop laws that would prevent the ecocide the company is causing. Case in point: Smucker's. Yes, Smucker's, that family-friendly, health-conscious jam company. Smucker's and other […]

Obama’s State of the Union Addresses – Environment Edition

If Obama is really serious about doing something about climate change, his all of the above energy plan, AKA drilling + fracking + renewables, isn't going to cut it. Since 2012 there has been a stark increase in how many times he has mentioned natural gas and oil in his State of the Union addresses. Over the same period, mentions of […]

Rules for donations

Your donation is important to our work – but there are some rules. Here's what you need to know: Environmental Action, Inc. is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. Contributions or gifts to Environmental Action are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Donations may be used for political purposes such as supporting or opposing candidates. No funds will be […]

Not so fast Mr. President – progress and setbacks for the planet

A few months after the planet exceeded 400 ppm of global warming pollution in the atmosphere for the first time in hundreds of years we're still seeing some mixed signals from President Obama and his team.  One day they're sweating climate change, calling it a grave threat to the national interest and promising real action. The next day they're considering allowing […]

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