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A North Atlantic right whale, found dead off the Virginia coast and entangled in fishing lines. (Photo: Sea to Shore Alliance / NOAA permit

Rare North Atlantic Right Whale Dies Entangled in Fishing Gear

She was #3893 in the New England Aquarium’s catalog of North Atlantic right whales. But, as one of only around 100 reproductively mature North Atlantic right whales remaining on the planet, she may well have helped save her species from extinction.1Last Monday, whale #3893 was found dead and entangled in fishing line off Virginia’s coast in what is 2018’s first […]

Sea turtle (Photo Jeremy ishop via Unsplash)

Environmental Action Shares: Week of January 26, 2018

This week’s Environmental Action shares: wolves, protecting marine wildlife from offshore drilling and more. Please share these stories on Facebook and Twitter to help us realize a cleaner, greener world.Environmental Action Shares for FacebookEnvironmental Action Shares for Twitter Tell your senators: Don't push Mexican gray wolves over the brink…then tag a friend who will want to take action too! […]

Gill nets ensnare, injure, and kill imperiled dolphins and other marine wildlife

Live in California? Take action to stop new, deadly drift gill nets.

Drift gill nets. Marine biologist Tom Steiner calls them “invisible curtains of death.” He says they are “a barbaric way of catching fish.”1At Environmental Action, we call them “monster nets.” And these deadly devices inadvertently have killed thousands of sea turtles, whales, sea lions and other ocean animals since 1991.California is the only remaining state on the West Coast that does […]

Offshore Drilling Dangers: The 2010 Deepwater Offshore Oil Disaster (Photo: US Coast Guard)

Offshore Drilling, at a Minimum, Needs Safety Regulations

Offshore drilling is inherently dangerous, and spills can have devastating impacts on ocean wildlife. Will you stand with us by telling President Trump and the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement not to roll back important drilling safety regulations? Submit your public comment today.Drilling: Risky and dangerous Drilling is dangerous. Oil spills harm our coasts and marine wildlife.That’s why we need […]

Wyoming (Photo: Aleesha Wood via Unsplash)

Environmental Action Shares: Week of January 19, 2018

Catch up on what’s happening with our campaigns to protect nature and the environment with this week’s Environmental Action shares.Sharing these posts on Facebook and Twitter is also a great way to encourage your nature-loving friends to get involved, so please share these widely!Environmental Action Shares for FacebookEnvironmental Action Shares for TwitterRight Whales Return to Cape Cod Bay“2017 […]

Mexican Gray Wolf (Photo: USFWS)

Don’t let Congress push Mexican gray wolves over the brink into extinction

Mexican gray wolves are already on the brink — we can’t let Congress push them into extinction.Why are Mexican gray wolves at risk? There are just over 100 Mexican gray wolves living in the wild. But Sen. Jeff Flake just introduced legislation to erase their Endangered Species Act protections.That would be a devastating step backwards, opening the door to hunting, trapping […]

Amazon Boxes (Photo: Public.Resource.Org CC 2.0)

Tell Amazon to take this simple step for our planet

Do you shop online at Amazon? Nearly half of consumers prefer to shop online instead of in-store according to one 2017 study.1 Meanwhile, the carbon footprint of shoppers that choose quick-shipping options is larger than if we went to the store ourselves.2 Will you help us reduce this waste by signing our new petition to Amazon?Amazon can help the environment Amazon, the largest […]

West Glacier, USA (Photo by Terrah Holly on Unsplash)

Environmental Action Shares: Week of January 12, 2018

This week’s Environmental Action shares include news on the Clean Power Plan, offshore drilling, and more.These posts a great way to catch up on what’s happening with our campaigns to protect nature and the environment. Sharing these posts is also a great way to encourage your nature-loving friends to get involved, so please share these widely on Facebook and […]

Coal-powered power plant - Craig, CO (Photo: Jimmy Thomas via Flickr CC 2.0)

Your power needed: Save the Clean Power Plan!

The Trump administration is trying to trash the Clean Power Plan, which aims to cut carbon emissions from the nation’s electricity sector 32 percent by 2030, compared to 2005 levels — one of the strongest actions ever taken by the United States to combat climate change.1The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) held a hearing in November on the Clean Power Plan […]

Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle Oiled By the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster (Photo: NOAA)

President Trump to Open Nearly All Federal Waters to Offshore Drilling

President Trump took another dangerous step yesterday — he announced a plan to open nearly all federal coastal waters to offshore oil and gas drilling.1 The plan includes the California Coast, the Gulf coast and the Atlantic coast — all targeted for offshore drilling. Help us stop this new offshore drilling by supporting our work today.Offshore Drilling Threatens Nature and Wildlife Offshore […]

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