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Polar bear mothers and cubs are in danger

In the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s coastal plain, pregnant polar bears build dens in the snow to give birth and nurse their young.1     Seismic testing puts mother bears and cubs in danger. The polar bear mothers and cubs denning in the Arctic Refuge could soon face the terrifying threat of seismic surveys, which have a 1 in 5 chance of killing or […]

wolf in winter (Photo: Pixabay)

Wolves are being shot in Wyoming right now.

At least two dozen wolves have already been shot for trophies on Yellowstone’s doorstep this winter. Across the rest of Wyoming, dozens more are being killed with no quota to put limits on the slaughter.1     This brutal hunt needs to stop. This brutal hunt needs to stop. We know that wolves are treasures, not trophies — and that if we don’t protect […]

Save wolves in Wyoming (Photo: Pixabay)

Gray wolves are more vulnerable than ever before

Nearly every wolf in the lower 48 states has been stripped of critical Endangered Species Act protections — and this Giving Tuesday, we’re working hard to save them.     It’s time to take a stand to protect gray wolves. The Trump administration recently removed an estimated 6,000 gray wolves from the list of species protected under the Endangered Species Act.1 States are now […]

Environmental Action Impact: Gray Wolves

Shooting gray wolves is wrong

Gray wolves were nearly hunted to extinction in the 1930s — and they’re still in the crosshairs today.1   Wolves need our protection now more than ever. In Washington, the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife is notorious for “lethally removing” wolves from their packs — but shooting wolves to death is an inhumane method of wildlife control.2 Now that the Trump administration […]

Bumblebees (Photo: TimHill, pixabay)

Why are there toxic pesticides in wildlife refuges?

National wildlife refuges should be safe havens for bees — but the Trump administration has overturned a ban on deadly pesticides called neonicotinoids in wildlife refuges.1     These pesticides are poisoning bees. Neonicotinoids, or neonics, are poisonous to honeybees, wild bees and other wildlife. Mounting evidence shows that exposure to even small amounts of neonics harms bees’ immune systems and reproductive success, leading […]

The Tongass National Forest and mountains in the background (Photo: Flickr user Umnak)

Tell Congress: Protect the Tongass National Forest

It’s a priceless place, in a world where wilderness is disappearing beneath the chainsaws, roads and drilling rigs of industry.     The Tongass is a forest treasure. Alaska’s Tongass National Forest, the world’s largest intact temperate rainforest, is a sea of centuries-old trees that shelter bears, eagles and salmon in huge numbers, along with a unique species of wolf and too many other […]

bee on a white flower (photo: Pixabay user leswhalley, No rights reserved)

Bees are in trouble

The results of an annual nationwide survey of beekeepers are in, and the numbers show bees are in trouble.     Beekeepers lost 40 percent of their hives this year. Beekeepers lost over 40 percent of their hives this year — the second highest loss rate on record. The high loss rate was driven by the highest summer losses ever reported by the survey.1 This […]

Save brown bears from cruel hunting

The Trump administration wants to make it legal to lure brown bears to their deaths with food in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.1     We still have a chance to save brown bears from cruel hunting. This cruel decision will allow hunters to take aim at “bait stations” stocked with pastries, dog food soaked with bacon grease, or other irresistible treats. Unwitting bears […]

Monarch butterflies have declined by 90 percent since the 1990s. Photo: USFWS

Monarch butterflies need protection

Monarch butterflies have never been more in peril: These migratory wonders have seen their overwintering populations drop to less than 1 percent of their numbers in 1980.1     The clock is ticking for monarchs. It’s clearer than ever that monarchs need the proven protections of the Endangered Species Act, which has kept 99 percent of the creatures on its list from going extinct.2 […]

Tell P&G: Stop making toilet paper from virgin boreal forest

A million acres — an area larger than Rhode Island. That’s how much of Canada’s ancient, carbon-siphoning, biologically rich boreal forest is cut down every year.1     We’re flushing our forests away. Where does all that lumber go? A significant portion is pulped to make extra soft tissue products for Procter & Gamble, which owns well-known brands Charmin and Bounty. That’s not sustainable […]

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