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Clean Energy 4, Koch Brothers 0

The Koch brothers got more bad news over the weekend as the Missouri legislature joined the growing list of states to reject the Koch's proposal to weaken or eliminate state standards requiring the use of renewable energy sources. Already Kansas, North Carolina, Colorado and New York have voted to keep or — in the case of Colorado — strengthen their renewable […]

Loggers Want to Make Tree-sitting a Felony

Logging corporations in Oregon are trying to kick environmentalists out of their trees by getting the state to make it a felony to protest logging by tree-sitting and to allow companies to sue protesters for financial damages caused by such protests. In April, Oregon's House passed two bills that would allow police to charge tree sitters and non-violent protesters with felonies […]

This hearing is Fracked

They didn't ask for your voice, but they need to hear it. Congress is finally holding hearings about natural gas drilling, and instead of inviting the people who live near fracking wells, Congress has decided only to listen to the polluters, drillers and frackers. That's right — they're having a hearing on fracking, but the fracktivists fighting the poison and pollution […]

GOP Takes Ball and Goes Home

As with so many other issues, Congressional Republicans are fighting Obama's nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency by using committee rules to slow down the process. Essentially unable to stop action that would protect the planet but hurt their Big Oil and King Coal pay-masters, GOP senators have staged a boycott of, well, governing — rather than allow proven […]

Global Warming: Parching and Flooding my Home—Again.

Global warming is often described as an abstract, distant issue. For any of us who grew up in Wisconsin in the 1980's, it is far from that. In 1988, as the news was breaking of the dire environmental threat of global warming, even worse than the hole in the ozone layer,the worst drought since the Dust Bowl era struck. It […]

Feds Mulling Plan to Open Wolf Slaughter Nationwide

After having removed the endangered species protections for the gray wolf in five states, the federal government is now considered removing those protections in the rest of the lower 48 states.  Ironically (or is it "tragically"?), the US Fish and Wildlife Service said it is considering this move because we now have "robust" wolf populations in the U.S. thanks to endangered […]

No more Blind Faith in Oil

We are excited by Sally Jewell's confirmation as Interior Secretary. Her background as the head of REI might make her more favorable to conservation, or at least more aware of the economic values of recreation and conservation – not just hunting, ranching and drilling. But we also know she used to be an oil engineer. That part of her resume, along […]

Green Energy Wins in NC as Jobs Trump Politics

Clean energy creates jobs, and in doing so the industry is providing its own political protection.  The Koch brothers and their legislative lobbying front group, the American Legal Exchange Council (ALEC), aren't having much luck getting states to repeal their renewable energy standards, and their recent failure in the Republican-dominated North Carolina legislature shows why. Last week a N.C. House committee defeated […]

100,000 strong against fracking in Pennyslvania

The way state capitol buildings are designed to make people feel small. The high ceilings, the classical architecture, the cold stone all are made to shrink the voice. But on Tuesday, April 30th, when I visited my own state Capitol building in Harrisburg, PA,for the first time, that was not the case, because I was not a single person. I […]

Zuckerberg’s Facebook status: “Me and KXL r BFF!!!!”

When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced earlier this year he was forming a group to promote immigration reform, we wonder if he knew that the group's money would be used to buy ads that support lawmakers' support for oil drilling and the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline? is spending big bucks promoting these lawmakers to build support for immigration reform, […]

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