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Ban Fracking now

Fracking — the drilling process technically known as hydraulic fracturing where water, chemicals and sand are blasted at high velocity into underground fissures to release natural gas — has been linked to contaminated drinking water, flammable tap water and even earthquakes. But politicians' interest in tackling this environmental threat is underwhelming at best.  That's because any attempt to question fracking's safety draws the ire of uber-lobbying […]

No Arctic Drilling

If it weren’t such an urgent problem, it would be ironic: Global warming, caused by the massive burning of oil, is melting the Arctic⎯exposing tundra, permafrost and forests that were previously inaccessible. And in response, the big oil companies want to move into this new frontier and…that’s right: Drill for more oil. Sadly, it’s not an ironic punch line, It’s a […]

Declare your independence from oil

By Lars Christopher Nøttaasen (Flickr: Colorful Old Oil Barrels)When you get right down to it, most of the pollution in America today comes from oil: Drilling for oil pollutes our oceans and land even when it doesn’t spill. And when it does (and it always will, as long as you drill), the effects are permanent and devastating. Burning oil — […]

President Obama announces more efficient fuel standards

Great news! As you read in our last newsletter, President Obama announced new clean car standards that will nearly double the fuel efficiency of cars in our country—from 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016 to 54.5 mpg by 2025.The new standards will help reduce pollution, free us from our dependence on oil and save us money at the pump. This […]

Obama Rejects Keystone Pipeline

Congratulations! President Obama has listened to your call to reject the Keystone XL pipeline, which was planned to run from Canada’s oil sands all the way to refineries in Texas.The sticking point for the Obama administration was the route through Nebraska’s Sandhills, an ecologically sensitive region. On Wednesday, the president announced that in rejecting the pipeline application, he is leaving […]

Roadless Victory

Our public lands won a major victory in October when a federal appeals court upheld President Clinton’s Roadless Area Conservation Rule, protecting almost 60 million acres of land from mining, drilling and logging.Two-thirds of America’s national forests and grasslands were already open to industry when Environmental Action members and millions of like-minded Americans convinced then-President Clinton to enact the rule […]

Tell GM to Stop Funding Climate Change Denial

UPDATE: We win!Scientists worldwide agree that global warming is real and that a big part of the problem is man-made pollution from our cars. That might explain why big automakers like General Motors are funding a “think tank” that actively pushes propaganda in the media and schools that says global warming is an unproven theory. But it doesn’t excuse GM […]

Ending Big Oil

It’s called Big Oil for a reason — the oil industry has spent the past century using its wealth to ensure both political power and a kind of omnipresence in our lives that requires us to use oil products at almost every turn.Despite our widespread dependence on oil, climate change fueled largely by the burning of fossil fuels, as […]

Welcome to the new Environmental Action!

Welcome to the new Environmental Action. Originally founded on Earth Day in 1970, we’re rebooting in 2012 with a mission to be the biggest, baddest, most exciting environmental group all your friends just heard of. I’m your new Executive Director, Drew Hudson, and let me say thank you for this amazing opportunity to help our organization grow back into its […]

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