Charleston, SC – As local residents continue to await a final Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) plan for five-year oil and gas leasing off the coast of South Carolina and other Southeastern states, Environmental Action took out a full page ad today to show again their disapproval of drilling and seismic testing on the continental shelf.“South Carolina has abundant opportunities […]

Subsidies to Big Oil: $41 Billion Finding a boss who also doesn't believe in global warming either: priceless.Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential pick, is making a lot of headlines for his boyish charm and conservative budget ideas.  But here's the thing – Paul Ryan's budget ideas aren't just conservative, they're a give-away to the biggest and most profitable oil companies in […]

Your weekly news roundup on everything environment  The Numbers Are In: Big Oil Releases First Quarter Profits The numbers are in and the five big oil companies — BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Shell earned a combined $33.5 billion for the first quarter of 2012. That’s $368 million per day. But despite huge quarterly profits for the world’s most profitable industry — the […]

Environmental Action is on a mission to get America off oil. We've already been to D.C., where we delivered petitions to both Congress and Big Oil's main lobbying firm. Now we're going to take the fight right to Big Oil's home town: Houston, Texas, where every major oil company on the planet has an office.This action is going to be […]

Environmental Action staff from across the country just went to DC to deliver a petition you signed asking Congress to ban fracking.  We didn't go alone – in addition to a dozen staff and thousands of your signatures, we brought a bottle of 'fracked up water' from a member in PA and delivered it to the front door of the […]

It’s called Big Oil for a reason — the oil industry has spent the past century using its wealth to ensure both political power and a kind of omnipresence in our lives that requires us to use oil products at almost every turn.Despite our widespread dependence on oil, climate change fueled largely by the burning of fossil fuels, as […]