Did you see this infographic from the Obama team earlier this week? I did, and something about it stuck in my craw. I knew all the data was "right", but it seemed too good to be true. If we've done all this great stuff already, then how is climate change not solved? Or, more to the point: If fixing the climate […]

Perhaps the only good thing to come out of the horror of Superstorm Sandy was that politicians, from Chris Christie to Barack Obama, were finally willing to connect the dots between climate change and extreme weather events like hurricanes. Many New Yorkers connected the dots, too. People could see that climate change was here and threatening the largest city in […]

PowerShift 2013 was big. There were twice as many people there as at Netroots Nation, which is often billed as the biggest 'progressive' event of the year. It was also, as I put it, "twice as young" meaning that the majority of folks in attendance were in their 20s and late teens. It's really exciting to see that our movement […]

This is some undeniably good news: As EPA chief and top-climate-cop Gina McCarthy announced today, the EPA is finally releasing final rules to clean up carbon pollution from new power plants in the U.S. I'll get to the caveats in a moment, but let's be clear about what this means right up front: the end of new coal fired power plants in the […]

We used to have a saying in my family: "You can't argue with crazy." It had to do with not trying to reason with my younger siblings when they were infants, but it turns out that it can apply equally well to the many, many members of Congress and the mainstream media who still deny global warming is a scientific […]

How far would you walk to save our climate? For the members of the 2013 Walk for our Grandchildren, the answer is at least 100 miles. That's how far they walked: starting from Camp David on July 19th, and arriving at the White House on July 27th. I figured the least I could do was provide them with an actual […]

It's official. Thanks in part to the tens of thousands of us who signed petitions, and called and wrote our Senators Gina McCarthy is the new head of the EPA after surviving a more than 150-day filibuster. McCarthy was one of several executive branch appointees have been held up by a series of stalling tactics for the last few months. This is […]

Thank your for voting! You can watch a recording of the speech here, and read along to see the real-time reactions of hundreds of Environmental Action staff and members below. If you want to share your thoughts – send us a tweet or message us on Facebook!Watch the Speech:Read along for real-time reactions about the speech. You can share your thoughts by posting […]

Some climate deniers deserve a tin foil hat for their nuttiness. Oklahoma Rep. Jim Bridenstine, on the other hand, needs a tin foil Snuggie.  On Tuesday, the Republican rookie Rep. gave a speech on the House floor demanding President Obama apologize to his constituents for funding research on climate change.  This — despite the fact that 97 percent of all scientific studies on […]

You don't have to be a genius to know that global warming is a serious problem. From wildfires in California, to Hurricane Sandy slamming into New York — the destructive impacts of climate change are plain to see. That's probably why 97 percent of peer reviewed scientific papers on the topic agree that global warming is real, caused by humans, […]