climate change

BREAKING NEWS! A solar power refinery in Illinois exploded this morning, causing a massive fireball and sending toxic fumes thousands of feet into the air and throughout the neighboring communities. Two people are dead, and dozens more are being treated for respiratory problems. Not likely. "Massive fireball" and "toxic fumes" are two phrases you won't hear when discussing the safety of solar, […]

UPDATE: You HAVE to see this powerful video contrasting Tillerson's comments with footage of recent global warming-fueled extreme weather events (HT our friends at Forecast the Facts). Then, if you haven't already, sign and share our petition calling for George Will, Rex Tillerson and other powerful leaders of media and government to stop denying global warming.In what can best be described as […]

The subject of climate change sure seems to bring out the tin foil hat in some people. To wit: North Carolina's general assembly is considering a bill that would prohibit coastal planners from accurately predicting sea level rise when considering new developments. When the N.C. Coastal Resources Commission — a state-appointed science panel — reported that sea levels would likely rise […]

If you need a specific example of how your tax dollars are wasted on needless subsidies to the already wealthy fossil fuel industries, then look for further than the Bureau of Land Management's corrupt coal land leasing program.When BLM wants to make coal-rich public lands available for "auction," it basically allows a mining company to write the lease terms and […]

 Not to be outdone by their southern neighbor, the state of Virginia has omitted the words "global warming" and "sea-level rise" from a study on climate change and coastal flooding because . . . wait for it . . . those phrases are left-wing code words. Instead of using the commonly accepted and non-controversial scientific descriptions of reality, Republican State Delegate […]

If you're wondering why so many seemingly intelligent people still doubt global warming — despite the massive and universally accepted scientific evidence that shows the earth is warming — it's because the smarter the skeptics are, the better they are at cherry-picking the science to reinforce their preconceptions.  So says a study published last month in Nature. The study by Yale […]