President Trump is open to advice on whether to allow hunters to bring home elephant “trophies” for their walls and floors. The most famous elephant of all has some thoughts on the matter. For a few weeks recently, “The Greatest Showman” — the semi-true story of P.T. Barnum — was my daughter’s favorite movie.She’s moved onto “The Incredibles 2.” But, even […]

In almost every ecosystem they inhabit, bears are apex predators. Not only are they intelligent, burly, and beautiful animals, but they keep populations of other animals and the environment all around their habitat in balance. Which is why it's shocking that Maine is the last state in the country that allows baiting, trapping and dogging of bears — three of the cruelest […]

Changing the dialogue around bear hunting in Maine couldn’t be more urgent right now. Thousands of Mainers are currently making the decision on whether or not they support banning baiting, trapping and dogging bears in Maine. If we wait until November, outside pro-hunting groups will have already spent millions of dollars in misleading political ads that depict bears as vicious killers. We […]

I don’t know about you, but I love bears. Polar bears, black bears, grizzlies, koala bears (although they aren't really bears). Pretty much all bears. Bears are beautiful, burly, and intelligent, but tragically they are increasingly listed as a threatened species by wildlife experts. In fact, six of the eight bear species are classified as vulnerable or threatened with extinction. Furthermore, bears are […]