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Yesterday I had the honor and pleasure of delivering nearly 100,000 signatures to the National Headquarters of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Our demand was simple, but powerful: Focus the Flint Debate this Sunday on Racial and Environmental Injustice. The coalition, made up of a diverse group of organizations including Color of Change, Daily Kos, Presente Friends of the Earth, 350.org, Historically […]

Hillary Clinton has a new plan for fracked gas in America entitled, “Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Ensuring Safe and Responsible Natural Gas Production,” and it isn’t good. Increased extraction and use of a fossil fuel that’s known for it’s epic, months-long leaks and is 80 times more potent a global warming pollutant than Carbon Dioxide isn’t leadership, it’s a climate catastrophe. And it highlights the […]

100,000 voices have spoken out on oil subsidies, will Reid listen? Daily Kos, Environmental Action, and USAction band together to demand cuts oil subsidies Contact: Drew Hudson, drew@environmental-action.org House Democrats, 16 Senators led by Robert Menendez, and President Obama have spoken publicly about the need to end oil subsides as part of a solution to the budget impasse and the haphazard spending cuts […]