Although the debate over fracking is relatively new, the use of hydraulic fracturing is apparently old school, especially when it comes to offshore drilling.  According to The Associated Press, the natural gas industry has been quietly fracking in sensitive coastal waters for decades — with government approval, of course. And with light being shone on this, government regulators are considering having […]

Last year, Netroots Nation literally changed my life. I try not to overuse that phrase, but in this case it's true. Getting the chance to go (though Democracy for American's Scholarship program) gave me access to a whole world of people using technology to change our real world for the better. And I couldn't help be changed as well. It […]

Via Talking Points Memo, the AP reports that corporate giant General Electric has invested heavily (to the tune of $15 billion) in the oil and gas practice known as fracking.This should tell us everything we need to know about whether fracking can be considered "clean" or "natural." GE claims that "the fracking boom plays into the company strengths," and indeed GE […]

They didn't ask for your voice, but they need to hear it. Congress is finally holding hearings about natural gas drilling, and instead of inviting the people who live near fracking wells, Congress has decided only to listen to the polluters, drillers and frackers. That's right — they're having a hearing on fracking, but the fracktivists fighting the poison and pollution […]

The way state capitol buildings are designed to make people feel small. The high ceilings, the classical architecture, the cold stone all are made to shrink the voice. But on Tuesday, April 30th, when I visited my own state Capitol building in Harrisburg, PA,for the first time, that was not the case, because I was not a single person. I […]

President Obama sent mixed signals on his commitment to environmental protection when he announced his nominations to lead the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.  His EPA nominee, Gina McCarthy, is a tried and true environmental advocate with a proven track record on regulating pollution that causes global warming. But Obama's nominee to run the energy department, Ernest Moniz, […]

The fracking fight has already come to my doorstep in a cozy corner of northwest Philadelphia. During election time, there were as many “No Fracking” signs as there were Obama campaign signs, which means a a lot. I even know an anti-fracktivist who walks her dogs on my street. Confronting fracking as a real issue at home in my community […]

When I heard the governor of Colorado — a Democrat — was threatening to sue over fracking, my hope was that he was suing to prevent it, or hold those who do it accountable to environmental laws. But I was wrong. John Hickenlooper is threatening to sue Colorado towns like Longmont, whose ban we were proud to help out on, for doing the right […]

A damning new report from the EPA's Inspector General has found that the agency in charge of monitoring air pollution doesn't have enough data to know WHAT pollution is being released by many sources. According to the report released Thursday, the EPA isn't measuring emissions from some sources at all — most especially from hydraulic fracturing, the dangerous and unnecessary drilling process […]

Fact 1 — Fracking can cause earthquakes. Fact 2 — California is the second most earthquake-prone state in the US (behind Alaska). Fact 3 — The oil industry believes there is as much crude buried deep under the Golden State as there is in Saudi Arabia, but they say they'll need to use hydraulic fracturing (commonly called "fracking") to get it out […]