Thanks for agreeing to make a call to save the Monarch butterfly. Below are some talking points, and a short survey you can fill out to tell us how the call went. Call (314) 694-1000 Ask to leave a message for Hugh Grant, Monsanto Chairman and CEO Talking points:Monarch butterflies migrate up to 3,000 miles from Canada to Mexico, traversing most of the […]

Last night's election was, as the President put it "a shellacking." Climate champions were replaced by climate deniers. GMO labeling was denied. Wildlife will continue being hunted in cruel and unnecessary ways. It wasn't all bad news: Several cities passed bans on fracking – including Denton, in the heart of Texas oil country. The new Congressional class includes more women than […]

On Monday, August 4th, we hosted a Live Google Hangout event with Katrina Staves from Just Label It to talk about the importance of GMO Labeling, and our recent campaign to help push the initiative forward. Watch the clip below for more information. Just yesterday in San Francisco, our lead activist Kingman dropped one hundred lawn signs at Beyonce’s concert to […]

The cows are not happy with genetically modified grass. In fact, they're dead.Scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture are investigating a mass death of a Texas cattle herd that apparently died after grazing in a field of GMO grass, which they believe mutated and started producing cyanide gas and killed the cattle. Meanwhile, the government continues to approve GMO seeds […]