GMO Labeling

On Monday, August 4th, we hosted a Live Google Hangout event with Katrina Staves from Just Label It to talk about the importance of GMO Labeling, and our recent campaign to help push the initiative forward. Watch the clip below for more information. Just yesterday in San Francisco, our lead activist Kingman dropped one hundred lawn signs at Beyonce’s concert to […]

Pepsi’s main celebrity endorser, Beyonce, who they lavish millions of dollars upon is performing all over America this month. This is a unique opportunity to educate tens of thousands of her fans about GMO labeling and draw her attention to tell Pepsi to stop blocking GMO labels.If there is any time that Pepsi will listen to Beyonce about not blocking GMO […]

  GMO labeling is finally taking off! Just last week, more than 155,000 Oregon voters signed to support a state ballot initiative to require GMO labeling. Within the past year, three New England states – Connecticut, Maine, and Vermont – have all succeeded in passing GMO labeling bills through their state legislatures.  We’ve seen tremendous success so far this year, including the 1.4 million people who have […]

We've just launched a campaign to ask Beyoncé Knowles, Pepsi's top celebrity sponsor, to tell Pepsi to stop blocking GMO labels. Beyoncé cares deeply about what is in her food, frequently showing off her vegan diets on the popular social media site Instagram. In addition, Beyoncé is a major philanthropist, who donates to many charities involved in providing children access to […]

On Saturday, we had a fun date with Smucker's (but maybe not so fun for them.) Tons of Environmental Action members showed up in their grocery stores, put signs in front of the Smucker's jams, and told the store managers they wanted GMOs labeled in their products. Check out the photo below of one member in Seattle, Washington, where Smucker's […]

There's only two things that gets me more worked up than when a Fortune 500 company trashes the planet.—one is when the company lies about it, and two is when it spends hoards of cash to stop laws that would prevent the ecocide the company is causing. Case in point: Smucker's. Yes, Smucker's, that family-friendly, health-conscious jam company. Smucker's and other […]

The Grocery Manufacturing Association (GMA), who represents Smucker's ConAgra, PepsiCo, and other giant food companies, is going to support a national GMO labeling bill. Good news for the planet right? Not really. Politico uncovered the GMA's proposed bill, that will introduce voluntary GMO labeling and bar state-by-state labeling laws. What does this environmentalsit think of the GMA's proposed bill?When Smucker's changed their […]

After 3 weeks of silence from Smucker's, on Friday we got their attention. Hundreds of Environmental Action activists jammed Smucker's phone lines for hours — demanding that CEO Richard Smucker stop blocking GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) labeling. Prior to our call in day, Richard Smucker had refused to respond to our 20,000+ petition signatures and had no official policy regarding GMO […]