When we started this fight a few years ago, conventional wisdom was that the KXL Pipeline was sure to be built. So even though the State Department delayed the final decision a few weeks ago, that's not a set-back, it's a win for the planet. Every day that the pipeline decision is delayed, the confidence of the investors needed to finance this […]

We went to D.C. with leaders from several tribes, ranching communities and lots more to show President Obama why we oppose Keystone XL. See our report here […]

Our friends at Sierra club made this great storify about last night. If you were there too – share your story with us on Facebook or on Twitter! If you're inspired by these images, send your message to the State Department and President Obama today – the 30 day public comment period starts tomorrow![View the story “February 3: Nationwide vigils against […]

There's been a lot of emails this weekend from our friends, so I thought it might help to throw out a few clarifications before the Monday events so many of you are planning to attend. First, lets reiterate what we said on Friday: The State Department report is not the final word on KXL. We know that will be a 30-day […]

US Oil companies are getting less excited about the Keystone XL pipeline by the day. Is this good news? In this environmentalist’s opinion, NO. Texas and North Dakota are producing more oil and natural gas than ever, making Tar Sands less desirable. The American Petroleum Institute is gearing up to lobby for more oil to be exported oversees. There’s another […]