. Live Blog LIVE – Watch the last #DemDebate before Iowa Caucuses   The Democratic candidates for President are in South Carolina for their fourth presidential debate and the New York Times says “while the previous events had few fireworks, Sunday night’s promises to be a feistier affair.”1  That’s because with the Iowa caucuses only two weeks away, the race there has gotten […]

When NPR started airing pro-fracking messages, I was annoyed. But now that they've also announced plans to close down virtually all their environmental coverage — leaving just one part time reporter to cover fracking, the climate crisis, and more —now I'm frankly alarmed. If you agree that public radio needs to reject money from the fossil fuel industry, and spend more […]

Thank your for voting! You can watch a recording of the speech here, and read along to see the real-time reactions of hundreds of Environmental Action staff and members below. If you want to share your thoughts – send us a tweet or message us on Facebook!Watch the Speech:Read along for real-time reactions about the speech. You can share your thoughts by posting […]