Have you seen this? Thomas Friedman interviewed President Obama on climate change, and he's got some interesting things to say about fracking, climate denial, and the need for action. Check it out and encourage others to send comments on Obama's big new rule to cap global warming pollution from power plants (more links and digest below the video). Email friends  Email friends  What's […]

When we started this fight a few years ago, conventional wisdom was that the KXL Pipeline was sure to be built. So even though the State Department delayed the final decision a few weeks ago, that's not a set-back, it's a win for the planet. Every day that the pipeline decision is delayed, the confidence of the investors needed to finance this […]

We went to D.C. with leaders from several tribes, ranching communities and lots more to show President Obama why we oppose Keystone XL. See our report here […]

Our friends at Sierra club made this great storify about last night. If you were there too – share your story with us on Facebook or on Twitter! If you're inspired by these images, send your message to the State Department and President Obama today – the 30 day public comment period starts tomorrow![View the story “February 3: Nationwide vigils against […]

If Obama is really serious about doing something about climate change, his all of the above energy plan, AKA drilling + fracking + renewables, isn't going to cut it. Since 2012 there has been a stark increase in how many times he has mentioned natural gas and oil in his State of the Union addresses. Over the same period, mentions of […]

A few months after the planet exceeded 400 ppm of global warming pollution in the atmosphere for the first time in hundreds of years we're still seeing some mixed signals from President Obama and his team.  One day they're sweating climate change, calling it a grave threat to the national interest and promising real action. The next day they're considering allowing […]

Did you see this infographic from the Obama team earlier this week? I did, and something about it stuck in my craw. I knew all the data was "right", but it seemed too good to be true. If we've done all this great stuff already, then how is climate change not solved? Or, more to the point: If fixing the climate […]

It's official. Thanks in part to the tens of thousands of us who signed petitions, and called and wrote our Senators Gina McCarthy is the new head of the EPA after surviving a more than 150-day filibuster. McCarthy was one of several executive branch appointees have been held up by a series of stalling tactics for the last few months. This is […]

Thank your for voting! You can watch a recording of the speech here, and read along to see the real-time reactions of hundreds of Environmental Action staff and members below. If you want to share your thoughts – send us a tweet or message us on Facebook!Watch the Speech:Read along for real-time reactions about the speech. You can share your thoughts by posting […]

Two years after Fukushima, there are dozens of nuclear plants just like it operating in the U.S. But President Obama and too many members of Congress are still touting nuclear as 'safe' and 'clean'. It's not – it's a disaster waiting to happen that could impact up to 50 Million Americans.  Scroll down to check out the map to see if […]