Yesterday, China, the world’s largest carbon polluter announced their plans to launch a national cap-and-trade scheme in 2017. In an unprecedented move, China has positioned itself to possess the world’s largest carbon trading market and could also spark a global discussion about a price on carbon. And China was just getting started with this announcement.In a joint statement with President […]

Last night 17 Republicans took the stage in Ohio as part of two sessions of the first debate of the GOP Primary. For weeks, Environmental Action members have been calling out the entire Republican field of the troubling trend of climate denial.We had hoped, with the big news of President Obama’s Clean Power Plan dominating the news and several candidates […]

Republican's have a new go to talking point when it comes to climate change: "Well I'm not a scientist".  If you're like me, every time I see a republican use this line on the news, my blood boils.  But here's the upside. It's no longer in vogue for Republicans or anyone to be a climate denier. Just two years ago, at […]